"I have to describe this book as AWESOME!"

Lacey Garrett has answered an email requesting help from "zainman" only to find herself in the strangest dream she's ever concocted. Only, it's not a dream.

Zain Masters, an intergalactic planet cartographer had his ship shot down while trying to check the planets surface, and is now stuck under a force field. He needs help translating pictures and text to hopefully turn off the lasers and force field, Zain has beamed Lacey into his life- threatening predicament.

Stuck in an unknown environment, Lacey rises to the challenges threatening her life in the form of "Bobzillas" - Godzilla like creatures that look remarkably like her ex- fiancee Bob. But what Lacey fights the most is the woman within. After all, how can she fight the attraction that has been UNLEASHED for an alien?

Ms Barry has a phenomenal ability weave a paranormal action packed romance that spans the universe. I am blown away with her creativity. I was amazed at how the story plot sucked me in as a reader and yet the bulk of UNLEASHED revolved around only Zain, his sentient space ship Reene, Lacey and her cat Oliver. The "UN" series has me hooked, and with the introduction of Zains' sister, I'm hoping for another story.

As for our heroine, Lacey has had several rude awakenings in the last couple years of her life. And while she was already very likeable, it was amazing to watch her bloom with Zains love. Her fuzzy bedroom slippers cracked me up - what a mortifying way to get kidnapped by an alien!

Zain, a man of mystery from UNEARTHED and UNCHAINED, finally has his story told. Used to working by himself, he has an ego (that gets him nowhere), but at the same time, has the ability to recognize he needs help. The help he gets is from a human, who seems worldly but has normal fears that he takes the time to help Lacey through. It melted my heart and I wasn't disappointed at all!

While the Bobzilla initially instilled fear in me, the way Lacey used them turned them into a major source of belly laughs. I don't think I will ever think of Godzilla the same thanks to Ms Barry!

So, if you haven't read a book by Ms Barry yet, I highly recommend picking up this story. Lacey falls into the category of a kick-butt and rescue her man heroine! (Note: This is part of a series. Yes, you can read it alone without any confusion. But, in the first two novels, he is single...)

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 8, 2006


It's New Year's Eve on a planet called Earth, and all computer programmer Lacey Garrett wants is to design her software in peace. It's just another day in interstellar space, and all fugitive Zain Masters wants is to map the stars in peace.

Unfortunately, they are about to become the only thing standing between a ruthless villain and mass pandemonium on a galactic level. Can two outsiders learn to trust each other before the most powerful force in the galaxy is Unleashed?


(Unforgettable series: Book 3)
by C. J. Barry

Leisure Books
May 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525739
EAN #9780505525734
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