"A satisfying journey for readers"

When author Selene Hastings decided to take a walk on a deserted autumn blown beach, she had no way of knowing that her life would be forever changed. The discovery of an antiquated box was a mystery but not as mysterious as its contents; a scroll, a quill and a ring. The coded message called to her in a way she could not explain, and frightened her beyond reason. Believing that returning the box to its original resting place would thwart the possible consequences of unearthing it, Selene quickly reburied it. But what is done cannot be undone when the objects mysteriously show up on her doorstep. When a disturbing presence begins to exert its control, Selene is powerless but to bend to its sensual will.

As she attempts to reflect on what is behind these ghostly visits, she is caught up in a whirlwind romance with Avrum Devon, a wealthy businessman. Being whisked away to his opulent mansion, Devon’s Lair, where she discovers an intriguing portrait of “The Woman in White” that bears a striking resemblance to herself; this fact does not go unnoticed by the guests of the house and an elaborate plan begins to reveal itself. She once more finds herself at the center of strange happenings, though this time she may be in over her head. When high powered media mogul, Vincent Helious enters the picture, she is drawn into a sensual triangle where she must use all of her instincts to discover the truth about the ancient mystery, and herself.

Rions’ Child is a compelling mystery that pulls the reader into a world of danger and power. Ms. Mandell’s skillfully crafted first person telling allows the reader to discover, as Selene discovers, what is behind the supernatural happenings she is experiencing; effectively building an air of mystery and suspense. Rions’ Child is an ambitious work that is carefully plotted and the author’s voice creates an airy, almost transcendent tone to her writing that is pleasure to read. A satisfying journey for readers who enjoy the literary side of the paranormal genre.

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 7, 2006


When author Selene Hastings stumbles upon an ancient mystery, she enters a plot she may or may not be writing. Cults, betrayal-secret codes-obsessive love, target her in a triangle between high tech genius Avrum Devon and media mogul Vincent Helious. Forced to redefine the free spirit of today´s woman, her truth becomes a startling fact when she discovers the Dynasty of Rions´Child.


Rions' Child
by Roberta H. Mandell

March 1, 2006
ISBN #0738862541
EAN #9780738862545
496 pages
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Rions' Child

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