"Wonderfully realistic time travel!"

Michaela Martin has never felt as if she fit in anywhere. Her best, and only, friend is Brady Sheppard, who just happens to be gay. Adopted very early, Michaela was an only child and is in college on a fencing scholarship. So during Pledge Week for the sororities on campus, Michaela decides to go for the most popular one. Naturally, Michaela gets picked for the challenge. Michaela's challenge ends up being spending the night alone on Mystic Cove on the anniversary of Tristan Hamilton's death. Always fascinated by pirates, Michaela has done a lot of research. It turns out the citizens of Mystic Cove caused the death of the infamous pirate and as a result, Tristan cursed them with his dying breath. The curse is anyone out there alone on that date would never be seen again. Which is exactly how Michaela ended up where she was now, on the beach. She's doing fine until she sees a fog rolling in, and not a normal fog. She begins to try and outrun the fog and ends up tripping when her world goes black.

When Michaela comes to, she's on board a ship. And not a modern-day ship either. Michaela finds herself on none other than Tristan Hamilton's pirate ship. Eventually, Michaela figures out the fog must have taken her back in time.

The captain is not exactly pleased to find a woman on his ship. And this particular woman not only talks funny, she's dressed in the strangest way Tristan has ever seen. Not surprisingly, Tristan has Michaela moved to his cabin. When he questions her as to how she got on his ship, she tells him a tale of coming from the future. Of course, he doesn't believe her story and decides to avail himself of her charms. He's not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

When they find themselves under attack, Michaela surprises them all by showing up on deck, sword in hand, and has an amazing skill. Tristan finds himself becoming more and more intrigued by this beautiful woman with the sharp tongue and fighting abilities. Meanwhile, Michaela is living a dream come true by being on an honest-to-goodness pirate ship. For some odd reason, she finally feels as if she belongs somewhere.

Is there any chance of a relationship between these two? Will Michaela go back to her own time? Will she be able to change the past and avert Tristan's death in Mystic Cove? Will they live long enough to have the chance of a future? After all, a pirate's life was not easy.

PIRATES OF THE MIST is a thrilling time travel romance. Tracy L. Ranson has done a wonderful job of bringing this hazardous time to life, right down to the lack of dental hygiene. We see the conflict between Michaela and Tristan as Michaela fights to maintain her independence and not cause problems between Tristan and his crew. Michaela must also do what she can to save Tristan's life, even though he doesn't believe she came from the future. If you have any interest in the life of a pirate, this is one story you don't want to miss.

Note: Review refers to 2006 Triskelion edition

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 7, 2006


Old legends told a tale of a pirate curse placed on the town of Mystic Harbor, death to anyone on the beach the night of the anniversary of the pirate Tristan Hamilton's death. The fog, thick and white, rolls in from the sea at midnight. Michaela tries to outrun it, but it was too quick for her. When she awakens, she finds more than she bargained for aboard Tristan Hamilton's ship.

Tristan Hamilton, a legendary pirate, doesn't know what to make of the strange lass aboard his ship. Where did she come from?

Through dangerous waters and pirates, Tristan and Michaela form a deep and passionate love that would stand the test of time. Looming over them, besides the dangers that threaten their love, is Michaela's knowledge of his history and future. Will she let history take its course or alter it and risk a possible paradox in her own time?

Genre: Time Travel Romance

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Pirates of the Mist
by Tracy L. Ranson

August 1, 2008
Available: August 5, 2008
ISBN #1606010670
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