"Fantastic time travel/fantasy romance!"

Finally, it's June and thirty-five year old Oklahoma teacher, Shannon Parker, is planning on enjoying her vacation this year. The first thing she wants to do is go to the estate sale and see if she can find anything interesting to add to her collection. Naturally, the place is out in the middle of nowhere, but Shannon is enjoying the drive in her Mustang. Eventually, she finds the place and after she's registered, Shannon decides to look around. She sees all kinds of things she would love to buy, but on a teacher's salary, she knows it won't happen. While she's looking at all the items up for sale, Shannon sees a beautiful pot with a likeness of the Celtic Goddess Epona on it. While she's admiring the vase, a man comes up to her, one with really white skin and the worst breath Shannon has ever had the misfortune of being within smelling distance of, and tells her the vase was meant for her. As Shannon looks closer at the vase, she notices the woman on it looks amazing like her, right down to the scar on her hand. Surprisingly, Shannon manages to get the pot and once it's packed up all nice and safe, she leaves the estate to go back home. On the way, she runs into a terrible storm, but unlike any she's seen before. As the storm overtakes her, Shannon's whole world turns black.

When she wakes up, her throat is killing her and she is surrounded by beautiful little nymphs barely dressed. Turns out, Shannon isn't in Oklahoma anymore, she's now in Partholon and has somehow switched places with the Lady Rhiannon, High Priestess of Goddess Epona. And not only that, today is the day of Rhiannon's handfasting with High Shaman ClanFintan. Rhiannon's hand maiden Alanna, who just happens to look just like Shannon's friend Suzanna, finally clues Shannon in on what's going on. Somehow, Rhiannon managed to see into Shannon's world and decided to switch places with her. Since she has no other option, Shannon decides to play along with Suzanna, ah, Alanna. Of course, Alanna never mentioned that ClanFintan is a centaur! Or the fact Rhiannon was self-centered, selfish and didn't believe in denying herself anything, including all the boy-toys masquerading as guards. And not only that, but it turns out an ancient evil is once again on the loose, some really nasty vampire like creatures, and it's up to Shannon to save the people of Partholon.

Will Shannon ever get back to her old life as a teacher in Oklahoma? Will she want to? And what of this handfasting? Will Shannon really marry a centaur? Will anything physical be possible between them? And what of the evil threatening Partholon?

DIVINE BY MISTAKE is a wonderful fantasy/time-travel romance filled with all kinds of humor. P.C. Cast has done a fantastic job of making this story highly believable, right down to Shannon's being thankful for toilet paper and red wine being consumed with all meals and how everyone seems to notice how much Lady Rhiannon has changed. I really love the way all the people Shannon comes across as "Lady Rhiannon" mirror someone from her life in Oklahoma. And throughout the whole story, we watch as Shannon adapts to her life in Partholon and learns her true strength. Of course, the humor throughout the story adds a nice touch. This is one story I did not want to put down, regardless of how tired I was. It kept me entertained from the very first paragraph and kept me turning pages way past my bedtime. DIVINE BY MISTAKE is a fantastic story not to be missed. P.C. Cast is an autobuy author for me and this story justifies why.

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted November 7, 2006


GOING...GOING...GONE! The most excitement teacher Shannon Parker expects on her summer vacation is a little shopping. But then her latest purchase -- a vase with the Celtic goddess Epona on it -- somehow switches her into the world of Partholon, where she's treated like a goddess. A very temperamental goddess... It seems that Shannon has stepped into another's role as the Goddess Incarnate of Epona. And while it has some very appealing moments -- what woman doesn't like a little pampering now and then? -- it also comes with a ritual marriage to a centaur and the threat of war against the evil Fomorians. Oh, and everyone disliking her because they think she's her double. Somehow Shannon needs to figure out how to get back to Oklahoma without being killed, married to a horse, or losing her mind...


Divine by Mistake
(Divine trilogy: Book 1)
by P. C. Cast

September 1, 2006
Available: September 1, 2006
ISBN #0373802471
EAN #9780373802470
704 pages
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