"A scorching tale of witches, wizards, and vampires"

Amelia "Lee" Chavez is descendent from a long line of powerful witches, but only one each generation is a witch dreamer: her mother, her great Aunt Elise and Lee. When her power is fully realized, she will have the ability to work her magic both in dreams and waking. But her power has attracted the attention of a Dark Master, and this threatening force has come to New Orleans to take her power and claim her to rule at his side.

For the past two months Lee has been dreaming of a golden haired stranger who will come into her life. When she comes face to face with her new neighbor, Adian Bell, she meets the man of her dreams, literally. She is humbled by the strange and fierce way they are drawn to one another. But Adian is a powerful creature himself, a vampire, a fact that is only slightly unsettling for Lee. The realization that Adian has been dreaming of her as well only serves as proof that they are destined to be together. Acting on their intense need, their mating is bonded in blood.

Lee has been dreaming of another as well, "a dark one" who will protect her. When the Dark Master delivers an ultimatum, Adian decides to get help from his friend Alex, a powerful wizard. When Lee meets Alex, her other dream man, she knows that he is meant to be a part of the circuit of power needed to defeat the Dark Master; the triad is complete. Now they must channel their intense emotions and join together to defeat the darkness that threatens the city.

The author expertly handles the very different personalities of her characters. While Adian is gentle and strong, Alex is dark, brooding and a little rough around the edges. Lee's power seems to complement them perfectly, and the chemistry between the three is scorching. This is the author's debut work, and I am anxiously waiting for the next book about the Chavez witches. A satisfying read!

Review date: June 2005

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 6, 2006


Lee Charvez is a witch in a family where all of the women are born with inherent gifts of power. She is a witch dreamer, she has the ability to walk in dreams and the subconscious and to work magic there. There is only one Charvez witch dreamer each generation and she's the strongest in generations.

She meets the man of her dreams, literally, when she bumps into Aidan Bell outside their apartment building in New Orleans. He's a three-hundred-year-old vampire with the face of a wicked angel, and he has no problem with claiming her as his own. As if that isn't miraculous enough there's another man, a powerful wizard, Alex Carter, who makes their partnership into a triad. Problem is, there's no time to sit back and enjoy her newfound loves because there's a demon out to destroy the source of her powers, and her entire family in the bargain.

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(Witches Knot 1)
by Lauren Dane

Ellora's Cave
May 1, 2005
ISBN #1419902199
EAN #9781419902192
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