"a heartwarming story of faith, love, determination, and miracles"

In 1870, Martha Tinker stops in Hibbing, MN on her way to the logging camp of Sawbill Landing. She has left Boston after the death of her parents, and is going there to meet her fiancÚ, a man she has only ever spoken to in letters. When she arrives at the local rooming house, she meets Dr. Byron Ferguson. The doctor is on his way to Sawbill Landing to help with a mysterious illness that has stricken the camp. Against Byrons better judgment, Martha convinces him to let her travel to the camp. Upon arriving, Martha discovers that her fiancÚ is among the dead. She puts on a brave face and works alongside the doctor to nurse the men back to health. As the men grow stronger, so do her feelings for Byron. Martha feels needed in the camp and decides to start her new life there. Now she needs to convince Byron that they can make a life there, together. With the help of a friend, she prepares a majestic tree for a Christmas celebration. She hopes to bring the gift of faith and hope to the residents, who desperately need a Christmas miracle.

It is 2002, and the Ferguson family still resides in Hibbing, MN. The family is in trouble, and is desperate for a miracle. Seven-year-old Martha Ferguson is convinced her parents are going to get a divorce. To make matters worse her grandmother is in a nursing home unable to speak, her grandfather is so unhappy; even her dog, Scooter Doo, seems sad. Just when it seems all hope is lost, she receives help from a most unlikely place. Does Sawbill Landing have just one more miracle left after all these generations?

This is a heartwarming story of faith, love, determination, and miracles. The characters will capture your heart, and you will want to revisit them year after year. Make this book your new Christmas tradition.

Review date: December 17, 2005

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 6, 2006


Christmas miracles...
In 1870, Martha Ferguson arrives in Hibbing, MN, intent on joining the fiancÚ she believes is waiting at the logging camp of Sawbill Landing. In Hibbing, she meets Dr. Byron Ferguson, who has been called to deal with a fatal epidemic. Devastation strikes when Martha finds her betrothed among dozens of other corpses. Determined to make the best of a poor situation, she aids with the crisis and finds herself drawn to the good doctor. As Christmas approaches, the entire camp needs a miracle.

It is Martha and a very special friend who led the residents of Sawbill Landing to a special Christmas tree and the truth that with faith they will find the power of miracles and love.

Generations later, the Ferguson family, now living in Hibbing, MN, is as desperately in need of a Christmas miracle as the family has ever been. Martha, the youngest member of the family, is sure her mother and father are getting a divorce. Grandma Ferguson is in a nursing home, where she has remained silent for months. Grandpa Ferguson misses his wife so much he can't even see straight any more, while the town's Jewish Santa still mourns the death of his wife. Even the dog, Scooter-Doo, isn't herself! The miracles begin when one by one the family members visit Grandma and for the first time in months she speaks.

Can two lost hearts find their way back together? Can the old tree still make miracles? Is it too late to save the spirit of Christmas and the memories of miracles past?


A Lumberjack Christmas...Revisited
by Janet Elaine Smith

Pagefree Publishing
October 1, 2004
ISBN #1589613295
EAN #9781589613294
140 pages
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