"Ms. Inclan is on her way to being the ultimate paranormal princess!"

In our time, there are two kinds living upon the Earth. The humans—Moyenne—live unknowingly amid the powerful and ancient Les Croyant des Trois. It is within this written realm that wondrous things play out and lives will be threatened. Open the book to experience the magical grandeur of Reason To Believe...

Fabia Fair is one of the Croyant. Her special ability to listen to the mental thinking of the Moyenne makes her the perfect candidate to help find and stop the evil Quain Dalzeil and his followers.

One day she spots a man huddled on some steps all by him self. This meeting will forever change both their lives. Forcing feeling and twisting their lives in ways neither of them could ever imagine.

REASON TO BELEIVE is the latest release by Jessica Inclan. Ms. Inclan's voice speaks in fresh tones and fully realized characters that will magically transport you into their world of magic, spells and the wizardry of Reason To Believe. The sparks of spell casting, transporting and the creation of love will have you enchanted and delighted from the very start. The emotions that start off this novel will pull at your heartstrings and an instant bond will form with the two main characters. This is an exceptional paranormal novel and one this reviewer highly recommends.

Fabia is a wonderful and trusting soul. When she spies a hurt and dirty—Moyenne—man crouched upon the steps one day, at first, she thinks he is a drunk. But, once she really looks at him, she notices he has been hurt and has no memory or ability to speak. Something about this poor pitiful man calls to her soul and she will take him home and care for him.

From that fateful moment Fabia takes the strange man home, does this story unfold to reveal magical wonders and danger for both of them. What will happen? Who is the brutalized stranger she found? Is he friend or foe?

The voice of Ms. Inclan is undeniably rich and creative. She has stirred up a different and remarkably fresh approach in the paranormal romance field with this novel. Ms. Inclan is on her way to being the ultimate paranormal princess!

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Reviewed by Janalee Ruschhaupt
Posted November 6, 2006


Meet Rufus Valasay. As a member of Les Croyants des Trois, a powerful clan of telepaths and healers, he is sworn to protect the ordinary world of the Moyenne. But now, with his memory gone and danger approaching, Rufus has nothing to go on but his passionate feelings for the only person he can trust...

Make Me Remember
When he wakes, he finds himself in the cold streets of Edinburgh, with no name, no memory, nothing but the strong, hard fear that he has made a terrible mistake and left someone in danger. He shouldn't trust anyone. So why does the stranger with the blue eyes and blonde hair who offers him a warm place to stay seem so trustworthy, so warm, so incredibly right?

She says her name is Fabia Fair, and fair she is, from her quick smile to her lush curves. The way she tends to his wounds, the kindness in her voice, stirs a hunger he can't ignore. He hasn't forgotten how a woman's body feels against his, the softness of her skin. He hasn't forgotten how to bring her exquisite pleasure. One thing's for certain: he's never kissed this woman before, because if he had, he'd never have forgotten it. Even more alarming, he is able to read her deepest thoughts...and those thoughts are very interesting, indeed...

With each caress and soulful kiss, his memory returns, making him wish he could forget again. For he is no ordinary mortal, but a Croyant, a magic man, and the danger he faces is very real. Someone is coming for him, someone who will harm anyone to get to him and his kind. But he doesn't intend to make the same mistake twice, or let go of his only reason to believe...


Reason To Believe
(Magical Temptation: Book 2)
by Jessica Inclán

October 1, 2006
ISBN #0821780824
EAN #9780821780824
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