"A phenomenal futuristic fantasy"

On an unknown planet somewhere in the future, humans have created a new civilization; one that requires Zabba to survive. For Mahri, a "swamp-rat" and a smuggler of Zabba root, she is content to live in the wild swamp. But when a serious illness threatens those she cares about, she travels into city, to the Healers Tree trying to get aid for the people in her village. Hoping to kidnap a low level healer that won't be missed, she is instead horrified to discover she has abducted the crown Prince Korl!

Ms Kennedy has written a phenomenal fantasy world of water where technology is lost, huge creatures of the sea rule the planet and people live in giant trees that serve as cities and land. I love this world! It's a different version of Kevin Costners' WATERWORLD, but one I found so much more believable. Monsters still live underwater and giant birds of prey (think flying dinosaurs) live above the tree canopy. The forests are so beautiful thru Maris' eyes and described so well by Ms Kennedy. There is both beauty and danger in the jungle; were animals are familiar, and yet and the same time so different than our "Earth" animals.

Zabba root is coveted by the Royals, as is the true history of Mahris's people hidden by them as well. Zabba, from what I understand, opens the mind, and depending on the person's tolerance depends on the extra-sensory abilities allowed.

While the attraction between Mahri and Korl has a lot of chemistry and sparks flying, Mahri fights the attraction' at the same time it's an instantaneous union. She doesn't "trust" him, yet she is too easy on him. Regardless, I really liked Mahri as a woman. She is strong, independent and yet discovers she needs more to be complete. Korl is strong and is studying the Healing arts to help his people. He is a healer first, then the crown prince. However, with Mahri he is tenderhearted (like all hero's should be) yet still manages to have the arrogance you would expect as due his station of Crown Prince. I felt he was the epitome of a good alpha hero.

Jaja, Mahris' pet is part monkey-part fish, as well as telepathic. In my mind I had such a visual of all his facial expressions that between his actions and his personality I laughed out loud.

BENEATH THE THIRTEEN MOONS is such an awesome story! I only hope Ms Kennedy has plans for future novels as I highly recommend this novel.

Posted August 5, 2004

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 5, 2006


When smuggler Mahri Zin kidnaps a Healer to cure her family and he turns out to be the Prince of Sea Forest, she must use too much of the magical zabbaroot to escape his enemies. From her root-induced coma she learns that the natives of this planet plan for her to Bond with him, a joining so final that to tear it asunder would mean the death of them both.

Mahri only wants her freedom, but as they plunge through the dangerous waters of the swamps she finds it hard to resist the physical lure of Prince Korl.

And the Prince must change the entire world of Sea Forest in order to gain her heart, and ultimately determine mankind's survival on this landless planet.


Beneath The Thirteen Moons
by Kathryne Kennedy

Five Star
December 1, 2003
ISBN #0786253363
EAN #9780786253364
295 pages
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