"Another fanciful tale by Ms Bangs"

In the future, it has been proven that there is no such thing as ghosts or vampires. So when Blythe goes on a working vacation in 1785 Scotland, why does she suddenly get the feeling that vampires and ghosts really do exist?

Darach just wants the meddlesome time travelers out of his ancestral castle so he can tend to his duty without endangering anyone. Except Blythe, the woman bent on making him happy without succumbing to sex is the most vexing and interesting woman he has ever encountered!

Then the villagers get unsettled. Women are traveling about by themselves, and peasants are gruesomely murdered during the night. So our time travelers and vampire must find a common ground, because there is something a lot worse than angry villagers moving about in the dark!

Nina Bangs has written a fanciful tale of magic, ancient Scotland along with a different view of the vampire. While I enjoyed the story, and the plot was interesting, the pace was a little slower than I expected and would have liked.

For me, the secondary characters stole the book. While Blythe (who is also empathic) tries to convince Darach to let her see into his past to help him find happiness, I found myself wondering what Sparkle Stardust (a Cosmic Troublemaker) was up too. I loved how Sparkle enjoyed thwarting Ganymede simply because he had renounced his status as a Cosmic Troublemaker. The fact that she was also in cat form was a hoot! Yet at the end, she proves she has a heart under all that white fur.

All in all, because the last eighty pages had me reading like crazy to know what would happen next, I have to say I enjoyed the story. So, even though I had a hard time getting into the story I would recommend MASTER OF ECSTACY.

Posted February 11, 2005

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted November 5, 2006



He is everything dark, dangerous, and delicious. And for five hundred years, his sensual power has grown. He calls to all that is wild and elemental in a woman. Warrior, Highlander, vampire, he has returned to his ancestral castle in 1785 Scotland to fulfill a duty.


In a distant future, she works for Ecstasy Inc. to make people happy using only the most modern techniques and her own power. Sensual solutions to unhappiness are forbidden by company policy. She has traveled back to 1785 Scotland to prove that she can make anyone happy. She hasn't counted on a centuries-old vampire for a client.

He believes that sexual pleasure is the key to happiness. She thinks that Ecstasy Inc. has all the answers. Neither one considers love as part of the mix. They're about to discover how wrong they can be.

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Master of Ecstasy
(MacKenzie Vampire: Book 1)
by Nina Bangs

Love Spell
February 1, 2004
Available: February 1, 2004
ISBN #0505525577
EAN #9780505525574
384 pages
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