"A Fascinating twist to the real world and romance."

Miranda Stead, a rising poet is about to have her perspective of the world shift as she stumbles through a portal on a San Francisco street. She was only trying to get away from some common street thugs and reach for the first door that would offer some protection. Little did she know it would be a doorway to secret sect called Les Croyant des Trois.

Thinking she may have made the wrong decision as now the robed clan is accusing her of being a moyenne spy. A very confused Miranda struggles with her twisted ankle and prepares to make yet another escape. What she doesn't realize is that the doorway she entered is one not seen by the human eye. So the fact that she has appeared and seems un-phased by the strange people around her has one Sariel Valasay intrigued.

Sariel is an empathic healer. And not since his tragic capture and torture at the hand of his last love has he felt any stirrings like Miranda has produced. He volunteers to help her home and promises to wipe her memory clean of the whole experience. Being that she is moyenne the process should go off with out a hitch. What Sariel doesn't realize is that there is more to Miranda than even she knows.

Ms. Inclan has written a complex and fascinating story of an alternate race of magical people that have cloaked their existence in order to preserve their privacy and prevent any possible harm that could occur based on the fear of someone not understanding who they are. The beginning of this novel is a bit dry as the author sets up the complexities of the Croyant life to those of Miranda in the modern world. However this is time well spent as the story is amazing and well thought out. "When You Believe" is like nothing I have read before and would highly recommend to paranormal romance fans looking for a change.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


This is the first book in a exciting new trilogy

Running from three thugs, Miranda Stead seeks safety, plunging through the first unlocked doorway she finds,into a place she should never have been able to enter. Surrounded by a room full of suspicious, robe-wearing people intent on remaining secret, Miranda recognizes a new danger - one she is only able to avoid when Sariel steps in to protect her. He must now use the power of his touch to erase her memory of all she has seen that evening, but first he'll use his magical powers in another way.

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When You Believe
(Magical Temptation: Book 1)
by Jessica Inclán

June 1, 2006
Available: June 1, 2006
ISBN #0821780808
EAN #9780821780800
352 pages
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