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"After the Music" by Christine Freehan. Critics and fans loved the music of Dillon Wentworth until a fire in his home killed his wife Vivian and scarred the musician when he entered the inferno to rescue his two children. Dillon fled to a small island leaving the kids with Jessica Fitzpatrick. Now someone has begun a stalking campaign aimed at the children so Jessica flees with them so their reclusive father can protect them. Love blossoms between the two adults, but those feelings may prove futile against the assault from Vivian's occult friends. This novel is an exciting modern gothic romance starring a brooding hero living in a remote home whose only hope for redemption rests in the magic of love.

"Lady of the Locket" by Melanie George. Years ago, Rachel Hudson's parents met and fell in love at Scotland's Glengarren Castle. They planned to return to where the magic began, but both died before they did. Rachel travels to the site where her parents' love first blossomed. However, she wonders if her grieving is affecting her mind as she is attracted to a portrait painted in 1745 of Duncan MacGregor. To her shock, Duncan appears in person, but even as they fall in love, his malevolent enemy has followed to complete his odious task. Though a short novel, "Lady of the Locket" is an exciting gothic romance with time travel elements intermingled into the plot.

A VERY GOTHIC CHRISTMAS is a two for one book that entertains modern day gothic romance fans as the authors, Christine Freehan & Melanie George, furbish strong tales.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 5, 2001


Can the miraculous light of Christmas overcome the heart's darkest shadows?

Christine Feehan

Terrified by mysterious threats, Jessica Fitzpatrick spirits away her twin wards, Tara and Trevor, to the remote island mansion of their estranged father, world-famous musician Dillon Wentworth. Ever since the fire that claimed his troubled wife's life and left him horribly disfigured, Dillon has shut out the world. With Christmas approaching, the spark between him and Jessica might light the future, but there are those who shared Dillon's wife's love of the occult…and their evil machinations threaten everything.

Melanie George

The echoes of history and romance lure Rachel Hudson to Glengarren, the Scottish castle where her parents met many Christmas ago. But it is the portrait of fierce Highlander Duncan MacGregor that sparks an inexplicable yearning inside her. On a storm-tossed night, as lightning cracks across the castle's turrets, Rachel finds herself face-to-face with MacGregor himself, astride a might stallion on a windswept battlefield. Now, stepping ino Rachel's time-and her heart-the warrior from the past is pursued by an ancient evil enemy…

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A Very Gothic Christmas
by Christine Feehan, Melanie George

Pocket Books
November 1, 2001
Available: November 1, 2001
ISBN #0743442717
EAN #9780743442718
384 pages
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