"A Fabulous New Twist on Time Travel Romance!"

Ms. Fobes has created a time travel concept that gives a whole new meaning to the saying 'a picture is worth a thousand words'... or do they mean years? Portrait of a Man is the second in her series, the first being Portrait of a Bride, and I seriously hope not the last, especially with how this book closes. There is nothing better than reading a fabulous paranormal romance that keeps you thinking, even after it has ended, of the possibilities and the 'what ifs.'

Rourke of Calandor is a man many hundreds of years in the future, a future that has been plagued with the lack of females being born. Those females that do exist have been drawn through time. A portal has been created through the artistry of portraits of real women from different times. Unfortunately, the powerful upper class is claiming those women pulled into the future or giving them to the highest bidder.

Rourke fights for the rights of all men and tries to undo this establishment of inequality. It is just one such battle that puts a demented bounty hunter hot on his trail and determined to kill him. With the pressures becoming greater and the enemy closing in he realizes the rebels only have one choice. He must call upon his long set aside ability to paint and create a portrait of the woman in his dreams and open the portal to her time, many, many years in the past when the plague was released.

Alexis Conner was not your typical kid growing up. She always enjoyed the darker side of life and wanted to better understand it through her research. It is on one such night that she and her crew from the university are monitoring a haunted house in Philadelphia, long since abandoned and full of dust, old furniture and paintings. Determined to prove there is a supernatural world she hunkers down for the night in one of the rooms. Everything is status quo until she notices the painting of Abraham Lincoln is starting to shift and change. Next thing Alexis knows a dark figure steps through and kisses her senseless, then disappears into the night.

Tracy Fobes does a masterful job of weaving time, reality and romance into an amazing novel. Alexis and Rourke sizzle as they come together and the plot keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering if they can evade the bounty hunter who has also tracked them down. Although this is the second book in this series, it can be read on its own; however I would recommend starting with the first book which does lead into this story. And although I didn't, I still thoroughly enjoyed Portrait of a Man. And rest assured I have her first book on order as this is one series I am going to keep track of!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


In a quest to save the people of Blackfell from a plague that prevents the birth of girls, a rebel from the realm and a paranormal reseracher from the past find more than they expect - a love that spans space and time.

The Portrait

In a world where only the wealthiest man has the price of a bride, Rourke of Calandor holds no hope of knowing a wife’s gentle touch, or having a helpmate of his own. A rebel against the established order, he will do anything to bring down the Patriarchy, even travel into the past to the place where it all started. Only by painting the likeness of a very special woman could he open the doorway between Blackfell and Philadelphia; only by concentrating his entire being on her could he safely pass through.

The Portal

Alexis Conner has been fascinated by the macabre all her life. As a kid, she loved horror stories and haunted houses; as an adult, she made a career of verifying the paranormal. But the image materializing before her in the charged darkness is no ghost. This is a man, heart stoppingly real, powerful, dangerous. And the first thing he does is crush her into his arms and blow away all her scientific cool with a kiss.


Portrait of a Man
(Blackfell series: Book 2)
by Tracy Fobes

Love Spell
April 1, 2006
ISBN #050552578X
EAN #9780505525789
368 pages
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