"Sweet Sci-fi romance for all ages"

Melinda Ashley never expected the promised graduation trip with her father would actually be a year-long business trip with him to the remote colony on Mars. What was her father thinking? She wasn't like some of her classmates who wished to travel afar. It was a shock to find that this actually was a life-long dream for him; so she grudgingly postponed her plans for college, marriage to Ross and returning to her family home.

While on the ship to Mars, Melinda begins a trip of the soul. She becomes friends with Alex Preston, a second generation Martian colonist who shows her a whole new way of viewing the world. Can she leave her pre-conceived ideas behind as she has left Earth? How will her relationships and dreams change as she finds more than her own world view?

JOURNEY BETWEEN WORLDS is not hard sci-fi but more a sweet romance and coming of age in a new world. Characters are human and believable and you grow to understand the various perceptions. Written as if Melinda was remembering her past, Ms. Engdahl presents a story that touches both the heart and mind.

A major plot point is the thought provoking comparison of early settlers and homesteaders with Mars space colonization. There may be a bit of preaching philosophy of colonization as future hope, but is subtly woven into the story and not objectionable.

If this is a story you have read, you may wish to take a second look as this 2006 edition has been updated. The author states that she found more changes needed to reflect the modern woman's role than the science since her 1970 edition.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 5, 2006


To prove her independence to her boyfriend, eighteen-year-old Melinda Ashley decides to go to Mars on a pleasure trip--an impromptu decision that changes her entire way of life.


Journey Between Worlds
by Sylvia Engdahl

May 1, 2006
ISBN #0399245324
EAN #9780399245329
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