"An Incredible Opening to a Fascinating and Medieval Witch Trilogy!"

The Fyne sisters are witches living on the enchanted Fyne Mountain in this alternative medieval world that Linda Winstead Jones has created. Isadora Fyne is the oldest and the most adept with her spells and powers. She also raised her two younger sisters after their mother died. Juliet Fyne is the middle sister and highly telepathic with just the touch of her hand. And Sophie Fyne, the youngest of the three is still finding what her true gift and power is. Each sister had a different father, and has never met any one of them because of the curse they live under.

Many generation ago a sorcerer was denied the love of a Fyne Witch and to punish her he cursed every Fyne Witch born thereafter to lose their true love by age 30 through death or they just leave one day never to return. Knowing this, Sophie decides she will control her life by doing as her mother did and sleep with a man to create a baby and never see him again. That way her heart will not be engaged.

Enter a wounded rebel hero, Kane. He is a man that has suffered too much loss. His parents are dead; his sister Liane, taken by the emperor's men, and now his youngest brother was killed in one of the rebel battles to remove the emperor from his throne. Lying in despair and drunk in the woods of Fyne Mountain a vision or angel appears before him. A blissful night of lovemaking is spent and then she is gone.

One year later after an amazing amount of good fortune and painful memories repressed, Kane finally stumbles upon his 'angel', and she is nursing their babe! Sophie is stunned to see this man again and yet her heart is eager to reach out to him yet again. Unfortunately, Kane discovers he has spent the last year enchanted under Sophie's spell, as she wanted to take away the pain in his eyes. Although her intentions are good, Kane does not appreciate the gift while his family's deaths go unavenged.

To make matters more complicated now Kane is insisting on being apart of the Ariana's life. Sophie doesn't know what to think and knows when her sister's find out they will not be happy to have this man around. However the worries of her sister's anger takes low priority as a jealous suitor kidnaps Ariana. And so the quest to save Ariana begins and Kane and Sophie's life becomes entangled.

Ms. Jones does a fabulous job of creating this alternate world and all the fascinating background stories for the characters involved, be they primary or secondary. Just when I think I can figure out the direction of this book it twists yet again and opens up another plot to stir the first, leading me to understand that to know the 'big picture' I will have to make sure to read the other two books. And that is so not a problem!

Ms. Jones not only weaves the love stories of the Fyne sisters but also delves into a darker side of romance of the emperor Sebestyen and Kane's lost sister, Liane. I found that I equally fascinated by the story of Sophie and Kane as I was by the dynamics of the Emperor and Liane. And as much as I would love to share more I truly believe it will be more satisfying for you as a reader to discover this amazing story and world for yourself.

So I leave you with two recommendations: One, get this book! You won't be disappointed. When I finished The Sun Witch I immediately tracked down the second book Moon Witch! And secondly, I would recommend you read these books in order as one novel leads into the next. Absolutely fabulously well-done Ms. Jones!

[Books in the Trilogy: The Sun Witch; The Moon Witch; The Star Witch]

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


For 300 years, the Fyne women have called the mountain Orianan their home, inheriting the supernatural arts from their mothers--but a long-ago curse makes true love unattainable for them.

When she meets the green-eyed soldier of her dreams, youngest sister Sophie discovers that she has been gifted with abundant fertility.

Now, she and her lover must call on all their strengths, both earthly and supernatural, to fight the curse which promises to end their happiness.


The Sun Witch
(Fyne Witch: Book 1)
by Linda Winstead Jones

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
December 1, 2004
Available: December 7, 2004
ISBN #0425199401
EAN #9780425199404
336 pages
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