"A Powerful end to an Incredible Trilogy!"

Isadora Fyne has witnessed the tragedy of the prophecy that hangs over the Fyne women. Both she and her sisters are not able to love a man past his 30th birthday without him dying. And if they should marry or fall in love with man older than 30, then he will turn away in disgust as soon as the love become realized by both and leave forever. For Isadora it was her husband who died at age 30.

The loss so ravaged her soul that she used her magic to summon him at night. But that soon came to an end as the only way he could cross over or have any peace in death was for Isadora to let him go. Now utterly alone and trapped in the Columbyana castle she tends to the Empress Liane who is pregnant. She has sworn to protect and serve Liane until the baby is born.

Previously, in the Moon Witch, Isadora came to realize that by using her power to kill or lash out against another person caused her own power to weaken and dim. Now a servant to the Empress, Isadora hopes that by willingly serving and protecting Liane she will regain the light of her magic which has gone dormant to some degree.

What she does not anticipate is Captain Lucan Hern a visiting guest and a man who commands great warriors, to request her presence in his bed. Incensed by this over bearing man she tells the Emperor Sebestyen that she will not go. Sebestyen needs Lucan Hern's forces to win the rebellion that is growing, so he orders Isadora to Lucan's bed. And to ensure she goes there he assigns two armed guards to her.

The Star Witch is a wonderful book that wraps up an amazing story of three sisters bound by one mother and three unique fathers. It is through their differences that they find their strengths and the key to their witchcraft. The love and romance is rich and heartfelt. And the lessons learned and gained from both good and evil are equal in their value. This trilogy held so many amazing dimensions and depths that I found I was equally satisfied and sad to see it come to a close.

Linda Winstead Jones has written a masterpiece in this trilogy and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


She's steeled her heart against love. But it's in the stars...

The Sun Witch and The Moon Witch introduced the Fyne sisters, three witches coming into their own. Here, the eldest wonders how she can remain chaste with a sensuous enemy tempting her...

Some say the Circle of Bacwyr is a myth--and practical Isadora, a young, widowed attendant to the Empress, numbers among them. But for Captain Lucan Hern, the powerful Circle is as real as the daggers he hides under his clothing. The warrior was raised solely to find—and capture—the elusive Star of Bacwyr. But his teachers never told him exactly what it was. They only made one thing clear. Stay away from witches...

Sounds easy enough. Then Lucan meets Isadora, a decidedly different kind of beauty. She is oblivious to his attraction – while he is equally oblivious to the fact that she's a witch. And he believes her ring is the Star he's been searching for.

Isadora has slept in a cold bed these long years but the arrival of this gorgeous creature sets her body afire. And after a lifetime of searching for the Star, Lucan all but forgets it, waiting for Isadora to give herself to him freely, when he will take her beyond her wildest dreams...


The Star Witch
(Fyne Witch: Book 3)
by Linda Winstead Jones

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
January 1, 2006
Available: January 3, 2006
ISBN #0425201287
EAN #9780425201282
336 pages
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