"Read slow and intensely -- an is an extremely powerful story!"

I've just finished Gates of Hell by Sue Sizemore. A completely change of genre for Ms Sizemore, this is a futuristic romance, though it is classified as a Sci-Fi. I do like Ms Sizemore's other books and this is just as good.

This is not a book you can read overnight, it's far too complicated for that. You will need to read it slow and intensely (a bit like the HOBBIT/LotRINGS saga). Now that I've read it once and figured out the environment, I'm going to re-read it to fill in all the pieces I didn't understand first time around. (I've read the LORD OF THE RINGS about 6 times and still spotting new things and I think this book will be the same.) A nice love story with a HEA, but I think it could have done with a glossary explaining peoples relationship with each other.

The plot is an extremely powerful. A telepath space-pirate is looking for a cure for a plague that is sweeping the universe -- and along side is the story of a psychic healer. They finally meet in about the middle of the book and this is when sparks REALLY fly! Her abilities give him the balance of power, his to her make her awesome.

I don't think there will be a sequel, it's not that type of book which is a shame, but it is a thoroughly good read. Ms Sizemore's first dip into the sci-fi genre is just another bow in her quiver. Well done! :-) I can't wait for her next vampire installment due out October 2001! Companions (Laws of the Blood)

P.S. I got this from amazon here in the UK and it's a bigger sized book (about A5 if you know what that is!)

Lindsey Webb /September, 2001
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Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 5, 2001


Gates Of Hell
by Susan Sizemore

Speculation Press
March 1, 2000
ISBN #0967197929
268 pages
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