"The Second in a Well-Woven Witch Trilogy!"

The Moon Witch opens up where the Sun Witch left off, for which I am so grateful as I was so excited to dive into the second book in this trilogy. Sophie Fyne, Kane and their baby daughter Ariana are on the run and have joined up with the rebel forces to unseat the emperor. While emperor Sebestyen has discovered there are two more sisters who are also witches up on Fyne Mountain and has sent his troops to bring them to him.

In the process of capturing Isadora, one of the soldiers is rendered dead with just the touch of her hand and a few simple words. Terrified to approach the dark witch, the soldiers finally subdue her and bind her hands. Juliet however does not resist. She is distressed enough to know she did not foresee this, but now that it is upon them she knows her home will be destroyed and to resist would be futile.

For some days the soldiers lead the women down the mountain. Their progress seems to be moving right along until one night when chaos breaks out. Ryn, an Anwyn, meaning a large man who runs as a wolf during the full moon, takes Juliet and runs with her. He heads up the mountains with her tossed over his shoulders, determined to put as much distance as possible between he and the soldiers.

Meanwhile, Isadora runs the other way hoping to elude the soldiers. She is successful for many days, until her luck runs out. Again under their control she is bound and a bag is thrown over her head as she is taken to the emperor and her new fate.

So while Isadora resigns herself to the loss of her home and sisters, Juliet struggles to find a way to escape from this crazy Anwyn man that insists she is his wife. Unfortunately, the Anwyn are very single minded and stubborn when it comes to finding their one and only wife/mate. And no matter how much Juliet tries to talk sense into him he will not listen.

Eventually Juliet decides to stop fighting Ryn on this and acquiesces, for this is the first time she has been able to spend time with another person and not be telepathically linked or drained. And the closer she gets to Ryn and the Anwyn city, the more alive and powerful she feels. This has Ryn concerned to some degree as he notices the changes and wonders if she is the one his people prophecy to be their next Queen. And if this is true, then he may lose his one and only mate.

Ms. Jones has done it again! The Moon Witch is sure to satisfy readers on many levels whether it is romance, adventure or the paranormal. This book reaches the same caliber The Sun Witch began, and then takes it up another notch by unfolding the story even further. As one answer becomes clear another fascinating opportunity and question arises. Definitely, another winner of a read that is making me VERY eager for the final book which, is Isadora's story and comes out in January 2006.

[Books in the Trilogy: The Sun Witch; The Moon Witch; The Star Witch]

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


She thought love was beyond her reach...then he touched her

Middle Fyne sister Juliet is kidnapped by the Emperor's men—only to be rescued by a man whose animal instincts tell him he's found the only woman to call his own.


The Moon Witch
(Fyne Witch: Book 2)
by Linda Winstead Jones

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
May 1, 2005
Available: May 3, 2005
ISBN #0425201295
EAN #9780425201299
336 pages
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