"A story you won't want to put down"

When Dora, a sentient computer, was befriended by Tessa, she became interested in more than just facts; she became intrigued by human feelings and emotions. In the years since the war, helping resettle the Rystani to a new planet, Dora's interest in Zical has grown into something - she wasn't sure what. When Tessa dared her to be more human, Dora took it literally and developed innovative procedures to grow a body and transfer her personality into it. Of course, being 300-years-old with almost unlimited knowledge, she had to leave some knowledge behind; so she also designed a way to interface with Ranth, the new-born sentience in the computer.

Zical, a traditional Rystani warrior and pilot, usually felt comfortable with the teasing from Dora, but he nearly fell from his mountain climbing when she asked for his input on what made a desirable woman's body and learns of her plan. When he actually sees her human self for the first time, he is astounded to find she has become the woman of his dreams - and is unmistakably uncomfortable with her.

A 'Perceptive Ones' base is found and its discovery has accidentally tripped a 'recall' that will remove the SENTINALS protecting the galaxy. Zical and his crew which now includes Dora, must make a trip through unknown space to the edge of their universe. What will they encounter on the way and will they succeed in resetting the SENTINALS?

In the first book of this series, THE CHALLENGE, we learn of the Perceptive Ones and their lifesaving technology and meet Dora, a sentient computer who is growing in knowledge as well as understanding of humanoids. I was excited to see this is 'her story' as she is such an intriguingly 'free- spirited' character.

Although Dora understood there were no guarantees, she was not prepared to quit until she gave it her best to form a relationship. Zical is not interested in a relationship and his preconceptions and prejudices are a major obstacle.

The story is one you won't want to put down; filled with action and adventure and enough spicy-hot romance that I would recommend this for adults only.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 5, 2006



Specifically, Dora wants to make love with the handsome Rystani warrior-pilot Zical. But since Dora is a computer-albeit a sentient computer-she cannot experience touch, taste and true desire. Dora's logic functions refuse to accept this, so she uses the advanced technology of the 24th century to build herself a body specifically crafted to appeal to Zical, and downloads her computer brain into it.

But Dora's sassy attitude makes her too different from the women of Zical's culture. He's attracted to Dora, but he won't make love to her. And while it would be easy for Dora to adapt to his desires, she likes being smart and funny; she's becoming good at being human.

When Zical accidentally summons the ancient machines that protect the galaxy from invasion, Dora's mission is to intercept them and bring them back to the galaxy's rim. Fortunately for Dora, this puts her and Zical into very close quarters for a very long time. But much has changed, and as Dora learns more about human emotions and what they mean, she realizes that she doesn't just want to make love with Zical--she wants to love him. And be loved in return.

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The Dare
(Quest: Book 2)
by Susan Kearney

Tor Books
July 1, 2005
Available: July 28, 2005
ISBN #0765351927
EAN #9780765351920
368 pages
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