"When Destiny and Desire Collide!"

Down deep in the dungeon of the fortress Kindred, the Dark Chieftain is held in chains. An evil sorcerer tortures him hoping to gain the information he needs for his own salvation. Meanwhile Bryna, a slave, plots to free the Dark Chieftain at the guidance of her blind teacher, Derina.

Guiding Tynan through the secret fey caves, Bryna succeeds in leading the Chieftain to freedom and assumes with her job completed she will return to her duties as slave to the Roman leader at the fortress Kindred. What she does not realize is that her fate is woven with that of the Dark Chieftain. For she may be the Territorial Goddess prophesied to return balance and hope back to Tynan's people and restoring their bond with the fey world.

Bryna is not so quick to follow Tynan, as she has never known her self to be more than just a slave at Kindred. Her only memories are those of being found at a young age on the shores of an ancient loch by her teacher. Other than that her world revolves around the blatant disregard of a roman leader who calls her 'witch eyes' and the kind teachings given to her by Derina.

World's collide and the plot twists as Bryna chooses to trade her life as a slave for that of mate to the Dark Chieftain who has marked her as his. And as their relationship begins to blossom, so too, does Bryna's life as her real destiny and heritage begin to unfold. Unfortunately, Tynan still struggles with the frustration of a prophecy that chooses a faery mate for him. A prophecy his father blatantly disregarded by marrying a human and destroying the bond between his people and the fey.

Predestined is a magnificent book that kept me turning pages to find out what could possibly challenge these characters more? I enjoyed Ms. Gray's use of sensuality driving Tynan relentlessly to fulfill the prophecy. The world she has created is magical with strong secondary characters and villains that come in many different forms. Ms. Gray excels at taking a fascinating prophecy and energizing it with dynamics of different mystical cultures and beliefs. I definitely recommend PREDESTINED as a fantastic fantasy read!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


In an ancient realm of magic, love has a destiny of its own . . . Abandoned at birth on the shores of a sacred loch, Bryna never knew her family or true heritage. She exists as a slave in the fortress of a Roman invader, her only friend an ancient, blind Druidess, Derina. Her life is bleak and without hope. And then Derina tells her she must rescue the prisoner in the dungeon. Tynan lies naked, chained to a cold, stone slab, both body and mind tortured by the Sorcerer, evil ally of the Roman lord. The Sorcerer's purpose? To discover if this one, at last, might by the Dark Chieftain, the fulfiller of prophecy. Even deeper in the dungeon, trapped by magical enchantment, are the faeries. They await their liberator, the one who has been prophesied. And the Dark Chieftain awaits a destiny of his own . . . mating with the territorial goddess . . . a union that will set the land, and many lives, aright. First, however, he must gain his freedom and find her. And Bryna is on her way to the dungeon . . .


(Faery Faith: Book 1)
by R. Garland Gray

Medallion Press
June 1, 2005
ISBN #193281552X
EAN #9781932815528
408 pages
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