"A Prince, A Princess, A Quest ... and a bat?"

PRINCE OF ICE is the sequel to STRANGE BREWS where the battle with the Arch Mage begins when Cahira's father is king. As Cahira is pre-teenage in STRANGE BREWS, you don't NEED to read it first, but the history makes this story much fuller; so I recommend it.

In PRINCE OF ICE, Damir & Eliana reign over a prosperous woodland and Cahira is now grown but her powers are irregular. Now that she is of age, the Arch Mage tries to draw her to him and Damir had barely provide protection for her before the Arch Mage's spell sent all with mage power to sleep. Cahira is alone but not defenseless and her only hope is to take the Dragonfly Sword to Aren, the only one that can wield it, and convince him to help. Can a woodlander mage convince this wild Norseman to come to their aide?

Aren leads the Norsemen tribes where most still consider Mages evil. Although he has no mage powers, he had known that the day would eventually come. Even so, Aren was not going allow this brash and beautiful mage have her way in all things on this quest. She may say he is her prisoner, but Aren knows fate has other plans. And what-or-who is that talking bat on her shoulder?

PRINCE OF ICE completes the war of darkness with the Arch Mage and it is an exciting adventure quest with old and new allies filling out the story. Felix the "mage bat" adds droll quips along with wisdom and the woodlander's fondness for betting is again a humorous thread throughout the story. One character I disliked was Shaen - she was an evil b*tch in the first book as the king's mistress, but in PRINCE OF ICE she shows her truly EVIL character.

Aren and Cahira find there are events in the past that affect the present and future. Although some plot twists are unexpected, Ms Piel fulfills expectations of a glorious quest with love providing the answers.

Although there is no news of another book at this time, the finale includes a prophecy that their children will fulfill. As children take after from their parents, I look forward to the pleasure of reading their story! [And I am sure there is someone at the Hungry Cat Tavern has already placed a bet on the outcome!]

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 5, 2006


The power of the Arch Mage has grown strong enough to immobilize the defenders of Amrodel, woodland kingdom. Only one hope remains: a girl, the would-be sorceress Cahira. Upon her shoulders lies the fate of her people.

Cahira's task is to find the prophesied man of "pure light" and arm him with the Dragonfly Sword. She saw him once as a youngster, but Aren is one of her people's ancestral enemies. All Cahira loves lies in the balance, and she and her friends are being sent into the cold north to find a barbaric rogue. North to danger, north to salvation, north to find the...Prince of Ice.



Prince of Ice
(Dragonfly Saga - Book 2)
by Stobie Piel

Love Spell
May 1, 2006
ISBN #0505526514
EAN #9780505526519
320 pages
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