"An edge of your seat, pulse pounding, VERY Hot book!"

Cherry Adair has done it again with her latest book in the T-FLAC series. Hot Ice is loaded with adrenaline and high-octane romance. Ms. Adair lets you have it with both barrels as the book opens and time is running out as T- FLAC operative Huntington St. John closes in on the one woman who has eluded many of their operatives for the last six months.

Taylor Kincaid is the best in her field and prides herself on a job well done. Of course her profession is not one that can be readily spoken of in social circles. Taylor is a jewel thief and a damn good one at that. Because of her renowned skills the counterterrorist organization T-FLAC is tracking her down for their next operation. A religious fanatic, Jose' Morales has managed to acquire a Nuclear weapon and intends to cleanse the earth of sinners with it starting with Las Vegas.

Taylor not only holds the key but she is key in completing this mission. During one of her latest acquisitions she swept Morales safe clean. Her only concern was in finding the Blue Diamonds, however the safe took longer than expected so she seizes the entire contents and figures she can sort it out later. What Taylor doesn't realize is that in the process she manages to acquire the one thing T-FLAC needs to access the warhead.

Enter T-FLAC leader Huntington St. John, or Hunt as his friends call him, a man who prides himself on being very focused when accomplishing his mission. He has tracked Taylor down to South America and a dark cell in San Cristobal. Hunt manages to break her out of the jail and take her to a safe house. Thinking the rest of this mission should be pretty much standard operating procedure; he underestimates Taylor as she escapes his grasp. Hunt, while not happy about the escape, can't seem to shake an attraction he feels for her.

What Hunt thought would be a fairly cut and dried mission has turned utterly complicated as he again tracks down Taylor. And each time they come together they struggle with their growing emotions and attraction. But when you are on so much adrenaline trying to survive from one incident to the next, how do you know if this could be love? And even if this is love how could two people from opposing thrill-seeking worlds possibly stand a chance?

Hot Ice is a sure thing! Ms. Adair's characters are well supported by the secondary T-FLAC operatives that assist in the mission. The villain is equally well developed as you come to learn how a man like Jose' Morales became so twisted, that you almost feel sorry for him...almost! Ms Adair weaves in clever tools and ingenious methods to solve this assignment. There has also been great detail given to the locations/settings, which span many continents. And the ability to bring it all together in a pulse-pounding climax will leave the reader breathless and well satisfied by the time you close this book.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


Taylor Kincaid is an unapologetic jewel thief who loves her work. Her ability to squeeze into the smallest spaces, and her incredible manual dexterity make her one of the best in the business. When the famous Blue Star diamonds surface at a terrorist compound in South America, Taylor jumps at the chance to snag the goods, but she inadverently pockets valuable security codes along with the diamonds. Suddenly, Taylor's no longer just an ultra-chic freelance jewel thief, but a reluctant player in a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game between an elite team of global trouble-shooters and blood-thirsty terrorists. But which group will get to her first?

Luckily for Taylor, it's top T-FLAC operative Huntington St. John. Serious sparks fly between the counter-terror agent and his quarry, but their instant attraction could prove to be a deadly distraction.

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Hot Ice
(T-Flac: Book 7)
by Cherry Adair

Ballantine Books
July 1, 2005
Available: July 19, 2005
ISBN #0345476425
EAN #9780345476425
352 pages
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