"A Damn Near Perfect Book!"

Set in the year 1350 BC, author Mary Lennox weaves an impeccable story filled with classic mythology and romance.

King Kryton of Macedonia has vowed retribution against the royal family of Thessaly for his failed marriage and subsequent death to their cousin. Melanion, Prince of Macedonia must fulfill his fate and save the neighboring kingdom of Thessaly from his father's vengeance while keeping a promise to his mother in the process. He must not raise a hand to kill his father to accomplish his task.

Meanwhile in Thessaly, fate has determined that Princess Atalante must lead her people through this war. Her future was determined at a young age when the Goddess Artemis appeared before Atalante claiming her for her own and marking her face. The Goddess also forbade Atalante from looking into any mirror. Being so young at the time of this prophecy, Atalante is confused as her own mother becomes more aloof toward her. She believes it has something to do with the Goddess's mark upon her face that must have left her disfigured. To compensate for this Atalante becomes more determined to better herself as a warrior and prove she still is of value to the family and Thessaly.

The time is closing in for both Melanion and Atalante's fates to begin and draw them inexorably together. Each has traveled to the mountains. Melanion is hoping for a sign from the Goddess Artemis, while Atalante is hunting for food. Atalante happens upon a great stag and prepares her bow. Melanion sees the great stag as a sign from Artemis and approaches it. At the last moment the stag moves and the arrow hits Melanion. Like cupid's arrow of love, Atalante's arrow shares a similar affect, for as she helps to nurse him back to health love begins to blossom.

From here the book unfolds in to a wonderful tale that employs classic mythology, heroes, and the Gods. Ms. Lennox grasp of this time period is so convincing that one almost has to ask if she is actually reciting historical events. Her secondary characters are also well developed supporting not only the hero and heroine but also offering more credibility to the story. I have been a fan of mythology since a very young age. It has been a long time since I have read something so truly satisfying and remarkable as The Moon Runners. This reader would LOVE to see more mythology driven books by this author. For me this was a damn near perfect book!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


The lush time of ancient, epic Greece comes alive in this gripping novel of mythology, adventure, and romance... In a time when the gods still walked the earth, a Macedonian king provoked by greed and jealously prepares to conquer neighboring Thessaly, renowned for its culture and riches. The goddess Artemis has marked the Princess Atalante of Thessaly as the Sign Bearer and war leader of her country. Believing the scar she bears disfigures her, Atalante hones her skills as war leader and accepts her fate to never know a man's love. Prince Melanion of Macedonia battles his own demons. Torn between loyalty to his father, the king, and his chilhood vow to protect Thessaly, his mother's homeland, he escapes to the bordering mountains, where he meets Atalante. Drawn by trust and a burgeoning desire, they pledge at the altar of Artemis to attempt to avert the war to come....


The Moon Runners
by Mary Lennox

Five Star
January 1, 2004
ISBN #159414107X
EAN #9781594141072
359 pages
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