"Not what I expected..."

The year is 1783 and Irish captain and privateer Declan O'Shea encounters a dockside gypsy. She tries to give him a medallion that, she explains will lead him to his true destiny. Deciding the woman is harmless Declan thinks nothing of it and leaves wearing the medallion. It is soon after this meeting he and his crew are thrust into a dark raging storm that rips their boat asunder.

Liberty Grayson, or rather Libby is a woman very jaded by her last relationship with Brett, of several years. A relationship that she believed would lead to marriage and family. Unfortunately this was never his intention, even after she had given birth to their son. Cutting her losses Libby takes her son JP and heads back home to her grandfather in the Florida Keys. She hopes to give JP a better life than the big city and help out her grandfather's restaurant/bar that is going belly up.

It is on one of her rare moments to herself that she takes a walk down the beach and stumbles across a cave exposed at a very low tide. It is here she find half of a gold medallion in the entrance. Picking it up she realizes there is also an unconscious man lying upon a rock shelf in the cave. Walking over she wonders if he is alive. It is not until she places her half of the medallion against his laying upon his chest that Declan O'Shea awakens.

From here Say You're Mine takes off as Declan works his way, literally, in to the hearts of the people in Sunset Key. He also tries to come to terms with the new century and its innovations. However there is one thing that has not changed through time and that is romancing a woman. And Declan is determined to do just that to Libby.

What I liked about Say You're Mine is the colorful secondary characters, the sexy hero, and the overall concept. What frustrated me was the heroine, or rather Libby. While I understand she has been burned and is cautious about leaping into any kind of relationship, I found her character very bitter and too waspish with Declan. For me, she didn't really evolve but rather fixated on her being the victim of a bad relationship. I truly did not understand how Declan could possibly fall for a woman like this as the romance was just too one sided.

Judi McCoy's concept of time travel in Say You're Mine is well portrayed and there are many humorous moments with Declan as he fumbles his way through the changes in the current century. And I enjoyed all the other little twists and turns with the secondary characters as she cleverly connects Declan's past and present. I only wish Libby didn't guard her heart like such a pit bull.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006



Not another nut case.

That's all Libby Grayson can think when she meets devastatingly handsome Irishman Declan O'Shea. She's had some bad luck with unstable men, but this takes the cake. It isn't just that the roguish hunk says he knows where there's a buried treasure...or that he swears the medallion he wears is a magical amulet given to him by a gypsy...or that he confessed during a night of amazing, toe-curling passion that he's really an Irish sea captain, swept onto Libby's Florida beach after a shipwreck more than two centuries ago. It's that the guy honestly believes every word of it.

Worse than that, Libby is starting to believe it, too...


Say You're Mine
by Judi McCoy

Zebra Books
September 1, 2002
ISBN #0821771426
EAN #9780821771426
320 pages
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