"A story that will touch your heart and reach for your soul!"

Candace Sams books of The Order are each unique and amazing in their own right. Stone Heart is no exception, as Ms. Sams takes us back to the magical place where Fairies, Elves, Goblin's, Druids, and Dwarfs can live peacefully from the outside world.

Angus MacGregor is an ancient Druid that holds a great deal of anger towards the outside world and The Order. His parents were cast out of The Order, a safe haven for magical beings, for trying to share their magic with the outside world. Angus only five at the time went with them. Unfortunately, they died soon after cold and starving, leaving a young Angus to fend for himself. Feeling cast aside and mistreated as he struggles to survive in the outside world, Angus become very bitter and angry. So consumed is he by his anger and spite that he lashes out on those around him without a second thought. The leader of the Order, the Sorceress has seen and heard enough and decides to teach him a lesson by turning Angus into an ugly stone statue for the next 300 years. His only release will be if someone on that anniversary comes to repeat the words that entombed him in stone.

What the Sorceress does not realize is that in a moment of brief compassion Angus helped a little girl whose kitten was taken from her. It is from this one act that this little girl promises to help him. It is just such a promise that passes down the family line.

Karen Matthews is sitting with her Aunt Aggie who is on her deathbed. Aunt Aggie begs a promise out of Karen that she will go to Scotland, find this statue and say specific words on a particular day. Karen agrees as Aunt Aggie passes away. Though finding the request odd, Karen figures she has nothing to lose as she too, suffers from a bad heart and has only limited days to live. So why not go on one last great adventure.

Karen Matthews was not a character to be pitied, but rather a woman who has accepted her lot in life and embraces her choices without regret. Angus is a man in need of redemption and a trusting soul to believe in him again. Together they learn and embrace life and joy, as she values her last days on this earth and he values the new lease on life he has been given.

Candace Sams writes an amazing love story about the power of friendship that can build in to so much more. Her settings are vivid and magical. And her ability to create humor out of simple life situations is enchanting. The supporting characters are unique and magical in their own right and brought a wonderful balance to the book. I could go on and on about Stone Heart, but my words seem almost too simple compared to the beauty of a story that must be read and experienced. And like any good fairy tale, it has a wonderful ending!

(This is the 3rd book of The Order: GRYPHON'S QUEST and THE GAZING GLOBE are the first two.)

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


An evil Druid warrior is cursed to stand as a cemetery statue for three centuries. When a dying woman finally sets him free, is his curse really just beginning?


Stone Heart
by Candace Sams

Imajinn Books
April 1, 2004
Available: November 5, 2006
ISBN #1893896986
EAN #9781893896987
210 pages
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