"5-Stars and two thumbs up read!"

Declan is a man haunted by his past, unable to accept the forgiveness in the present, but is determined to prove his worth in the future. Darkscape: Redemption picks up where the first book Darkscape: The Rebel Lord left off. And if you have not read the first book yet, I recommend you do so. It will make the reading experience that much more superior and satisfying as both books are definitely linked.

Never really knowing his parents, Declan joins his father later in life, which ultimately leads to his own downfall. But like the phoenix that rises from the ashes, so does Declan as his half brother Lord Lachlan de Douglas gives him a second chance at life, literally. He is brought back to life by combining his own DNA with the controversial matrix robot program. Not quite human but not quite robot and denying the status Lord Lachlan wishes him to have, the enhanced Declan de Douglas, or rather as he now calls himself Declan Savage, must now come to terms with his new life while trying to seek redemption from his past.

It is on a routine trade mission at the MacKendricks Keep for the Clan de Douglas that Declan encounters Princess Fallon MacKendrick. Deeming her as an untouchable and out of his league he mentally writes her off. It is not until she makes her presence known and rivals his thinking with her open mind that he finds he has misjudged this fiery lass. From this meeting an attraction is born but kept hidden, as each knows to pursue such a thing could only lead to trouble respectively. However Declan has a hard time forgetting Princess Fallon for he has never felt such peace in the presence of another.

Regardless, they each go their separate ways with Declan continuing to the space station near Jupiter's Moon, Io. Acting without Lachlan's knowledge he wants to ensure that his half brother Lachlan and his family make it there safely, for there have been threats against their lives. Declan successfully prevents an attempt on their lives. However in the middle of the all the chaos he is rendered unconscious, his brain wiped clean, and taken into slavery as a high paid 'Pleasurer' on another planet.

Meanwhile Princess Fallon is coming to terms with the unwanted betrothal created by her father with the neighboring clan Lord Henderson; an alliance her father feels will strengthen their clan's standing. But Princess Fallon has had a hard time letting go of her infatuation of Declan. And since Princess Fallon walks in the world of nobility it is only a short time before she hears of the new 'pleasurer', Declan Savage. Knowing this goes against protocol, she decides she must see for herself, as the Declan she remembers would never consent to such degradation. From here the dynamics take off, for each decision Princess Fallon makes is a conscious choice for or against her people in the eyes of her father.

Darkscape: Redemption is phenomenal and will have you flying around the universe, stretching your imagination as Ms. Gray brings amazing futuristic technology, settings and characters to life with vivid detail. This novel is loaded with action and scintillating romance. I was extremely pleased to see this book definitely matched the quality of writing and edge of your seat reading as the first book Darkscape: The Rebel Lord began. Bravo Ms. Gray! This book is definitely a five star and two thumbs up read!

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006



At the crossway of the stars lies a haunting darkness... Death. Redemption.


Declan de Douglas wanted them all. Once a rogue warship commander, now dubbed the Douglas Savage, he seeks atonement for past sins by serving the clan he almost destroyed. A sudden attack, a terrible injury, and he is collared, and sold into a brothel's slavery.

To strengthen clan ties, Princess Fallon MacKendrick finds herself betrothed to a man she detests. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Douglas Savage and Fallon is determined to find a way out of the betrothal contract and have him for her consort. Except finding him in an offworld brothel - - a victim of an identity wash -- pulls her into a nightmarish plot instead.

Theirs is a dangerous journey across hostile star systems where a sweeping vengeance threatens the tenuous peace. And where battles of the heart and body kindle a hot and forbidden passion. But even true love may not be enough to light the shadows in a warrior's dark soul nor save a princess's lonely heart...


by R. Garland Gray

March 1, 2005
Available: March 1, 2005
ISBN #1553161394
EAN #9781553161394
255 pages
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