"A Wonderful Fantasy/Adventure Romance."

Soul Magic is a fantasy adventure about the fragility and power of love. Alanna, a fairy Princess, has ventured from the land of Rune to ask for help from the one and only man she loved and left. Had she a choice she would not have approached Darrick Tadhg, but the survival of Rune depends on his help, as does her son.

Once betrothed and very in love, Alanna and Darrick were on the verge of being married, when tragedy struck as she was raped by Morfran, Darrick's enemy. Not wanting to face Darrick, Alanna ran away back to Rune where she discovered she was pregnant. When her son Caradoc was born, by all appearances, he looked to be Morfran's son. However she did not let that stop her from loving Caradoc. Now he is only 5 summers old and has been kidnapped by Morfran.

Putting all pride and pain aside Alanna approaches her lost love to ask for his help. But will he be willing to help her save another man's son? Can he put aside his anger at her abandonment for the greater good of what must be done?

Since Alanna left Darrick he has become a shell of the man he once was. Although bitterness has fueled his life he finds it is not enough to resist the familiar pull of his heart when Alanna reappears.

Soul Magic is a wonderful weave of love, tragedy, magic, and power. Ms. Whiddon's characters are interesting and complicated giving the story a more believable quality. Something I appreciated about this book was that you get to see her secondary characters come to completion as well, which created a well-rounded story. And again, like her previous books, Ms. Whiddon certainly has a way with her excellent descriptions of setting and character interactions. I definitely recommend this book as a dynamic magical fantasy romance.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


The ancient magic of Rune is fading, and legends speak of mortals and fae joining together to renew it. Thus to Thorncliff Keep the fae Alanna goes, to seek him: the mortal whom she left at the altar. Betrothed from childhood, she has always loved Darrick Tadhg. The knight’s strong arms and mighty sword still cause her to shiver with desire. But a terrible wrong came between them, a terrible shame that she has no desire to reveal. No, Darrick will not want Alanna, not now, with her secret, after his life has been darkened by tragedy and when his keep is besieged. He will not want to leave on the journey they must undertake. But Alanna will, for the sake of her life and the sake of her kingdom, and for the sake of their love, convince Darrick of the power of their joined souls—and of Fate, which never meant for them to be apart.


Soul Magic
(Rune: Book 3)
by Karen Whiddon

December 1, 2004
Available: December 2, 2004
ISBN #0505525941
EAN #9780505525949
336 pages
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