"A Fantastic Blend of Sci-fi & Romance!"

Megan Sybil Baker, aka Linnea Sinclair, is a fantastic weaver of both fantasy and sci-fi plots. She is an author who does not drive her book by the romance but rather lets each aspect of the book evolve equally. So the action, suspense, innovation, dynamics and romance all come together appropriately to make a very well rounded and interesting read.

Accidental Goddess is the sequel to Wintertide. Ms. Baker carries us significantly into the future and the evolution of the cultures learned of previously in the book Wintertide. The rank of Kiasidira has been passed on to Raheiran Captain Gillaine Davre, or Gillie as she likes to be called, who wakes up on a Khalaran Confederation space station, Sirrus One. She along with her sentient ship has been thrust into the future 342 years. And to make matters worse, she has been deified.

Deciding it would be wiser to keep her identity and true status a secret, Gillie sets out to lead as normal a life as one can, while she repairs the damage done by the time rift on her ship. However she does not count on the distraction of the Admiral who manages to see her as a person rather than a Goddess. All her life she has never enjoyed a true relationship because of her Sorceress/Kiasidira status. No matter how hard she tried to blend as Raheiran Special Forces soldier, she always ultimately ended up being treated differently. So regardless of what time she lived in she was ultimately very alone.

Well not completely alone, she is guided and watched over by Simon, a Sentient Integrated MObile Nanoessence. He runs her ship or rather he is her ship, and also acts as a guide in her life. His humor is truly enjoyable throughout the story as he alleviates stressful situations with his very logical and timely wit.

Admiral Rynan Makarian, Mack, has been given the duty to overhaul and get Sirrus One up and running. He is a man who has been used to commanding ships and having a well trained military staff at his finger tips. However on Sirrus One it is not so simple as he finds that he is short staffed militarily and must integrate the original, non-military people who used to run the station. A chore he is finding very frustrating, as they have no respect for him as the new man on the station. And to make things just a bit more interesting the station is infested with parrots.

However when Mack meets Gillie, he finds an instant attraction he can't explain except for the fact that when she is around his stress seems to melt away. Mack tries to find more and more reasons to encounter or spend more time with Gillie. Little to each realize there lives will become intertwined as the events of a Fav'lhir takeover starts to unfold; an enemy that has been around since the early times of Wintertide.

Ms. Baker's Accidental Goddess is a fascinating read, as her imagination knows no bounds as she creates this world out on a space station called Sirrus One. I highly recommend this book for both sci-fi fans and romance readers as she has created an excellent and well balanced blend of both. You won't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 5, 2006


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A deep space explosion in Riftspace sends Captain Gillaine Davre three hundred and fifty years into the future, where her likeness graces every shrine, and her accident has been recorded in history as a 'divine sacrifice'. Anonymity, and lies, seem her only options. Then a long-time enemy attacks, again. Can Gillie stop the invasion without revealing her identity, and losing the man she loves?


An Accidental Goddess
by Megan Sybil Baker

October 1, 2002
ISBN #1553165780
EAN #9781553165781
238 pages
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