"exciting start to a fantastic new series"

John "Lantis" Atlantis has been out of Black Ops business for a couple of years now and he couldn't be happier. Running his own high tech security business, Depth Security, has been fulfilling. When his friend and former Black Ops partner, Dillon, asks him to work on a case that is close to his heart, Lantis reluctantly agrees. Dillon's childhood friend, Kiera Stevens, is now CEO of kidTek after the death of her father. There is an industrial spy leaking classified research and development secrets at kidTek and the implications for military R & D could spell disaster. When Kiera and Lantis meet, the attraction is instantaneous and all consuming. This is disturbing for Kiera, who is normally all business. For Lantis there is the issue of the relationship between Kiera and his best friend Dillon to consider. Working together should prove to be an interesting challenge.

In order to not raise suspicions, Lantis goes undercover at kidTek posing as Kiera's love interest, which is not a far stretch for either of them. He develops a security spell that will help identify the leak and protect the company from further theft. Because of the logistics of casting a spell in such close proximity to the existing security, and his raging lust for Kiera proving to be a distraction, he decides to use Kiera as a focus during the casting of the spell. The spell, magnified by his attraction to Kiera, combined with her nominal healing abilities, makes for an erotically charged event. Lantis is relieved that the spell was successfully cast, but there was just one small side effect, they are now entangled on a psychic level; and he will have to do a little testing to see just what the ramifications of this entanglement are. As Kiera and Lantis' relationship grows, so does the danger. Kiera has never relied on anyone for support, and has difficulty letting go of control and leaning on Lantis. Can she learn to trust her feelings, and his? Their lives may depend on it.

All I can say is, "Wow!" Ms. Dante demonstrates expert world building as she takes readers to a fully realized alternate Earth society where magic and advanced technology coexist. Her fascinating hero and heroine engage in an entertaining banter and have such an easy rapport, that the reader is effortlessly able to believe in the intensity of their relationship. The plot is well developed and the storyline is a fast paced adventure. Amongst the action and intrigue, Kiera and Lantis take the time to inventively and deliciously play out her fantasies and test the effects of their entanglement; this leads to sometimes amusing, always hot reading. The cast of supporting characters are interesting and I definitely look forward to reading their stories told in future books in this series. Entangled is the exciting start to what promises to be a fantastic new series. If the first book is any indication, readers are in for a wild ride.

Review date: July 1, 2006

Reviewed by Dee Gentle
Posted November 3, 2006


Kiera Stevens knows there's a spy in kidTek, the toy company she inherited from her father which also handles top-secret defense R&D projects. She doesn't know whom among her employees she can trust but to ferret out the spy she needs more than an ordinary investigator and absolute secrecy. High adept and security consultant John Atlantis (Lantis to his friends and colleagues) is a retired black ops agent with the security clearances to prove it. As a favor to his former partner, he takes on Kiera's problem, going undercover as her lover to carry out his investigation.

When a complicated spell to upgrade the security of kidTek's labs results in more power than safe, Lantis is forced to ground the power through sex ... and he and Kiera become entangled, their minds sharing sensations and pleasures.

That's when things become complicated. Because the spy is just the tip of the iceberg. Someone is watching Kiera, someone who doesn't want her at the head of kidTek and doesn't care who stands in the way.


(The En Series)
by Kathleen Dante

Berkley Pub Group (Heat)
September 1, 2006
ISBN #0425212750
EAN #9780425212752
320 pages
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