"A Multi-faceted tale of Military Science Fiction, Suspense, and Timeless Love"

Jarved Nine was a planet light years from Earth abandoned nearly three thousand years ago by an unknown civilization. [Colonization Assessment Team] CAT Captain Kendall Thomas is part of a team documenting the mysterious Old City and temple pyramid's artifacts. Special Operations Captain Wyatt Montgomery is a member of the Military Special Ops team assigned for the security of those on the planet. Although Kendall has no recollection, Wyatt has full memory of their former life - on Jarved Nine.

Wyatt knew Kendall was investigating something before he left on two week exploration duty but never expected them to be captured by smugglers upon his return. Their attempts to escape from the pyramid lead them into formerly unexplored areas of the temple and the reality of their past lives. Their former lives are a major part of the story in conjunction with Wyatt and Kendall's struggle to escape the temple pyramid while we keep posted on Spec Op members who investigate their disappearance outside the temple. Will all their efforts come together in time to stop the smugglers and save innocent lives?

Knowing the history of secondary characters will add reading pleasure, but ETERNAL NIGHTS is a stand alone story. The story takes place about 3 years after RAVYN'S FLIGHT and Ravyn and Brody and Stacey and Alex make great secondary characters to the main story of Kendall and Wyatt.

ETERNAL NIGHTS setting in a military and exploratory base aligns various assertive personalities within regulated events for the story. Because of the reincarnation, the story does not quite fit military science fiction expectations and it is not a cozy romance. For readers who do not need to fit the mold, you will enjoy the multi- faceted story presentation of ETERNAL NIGHTS.

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Reviewed by Cy Korte
Posted November 3, 2006



Capt. Kendall Thomas has been plagued by dreams of blood, dreams so horrifying they leave her trembling in the night. Kendall has good reason to be afraid. She's discovered thieves are stealing artifacts from the alien city on Jarved Nine, and the smugglers will do anything to protect their lucrative sideline—even commit murder.

The last man Kendall wanted to endanger was her best friend Wyatt Montgomery, but the stubborn Special Ops captain followed her when she went to gather evidence, and the smugglers trapped them both in the city's ancient pyramid. Now by day, they're chased through labyrinthine tunnels, deeper and deeper into the heart of the temple. But in the cloak of darkness, they can no longer deny the powerful force drawing them together, the passionate dreams that leave them aching with need, the touch of skin on skin that makes them long for—ETERNAL NIGHTS.

RAVYN'S FLIGHT is scheduled to be reissued in Aug. 2006.


Eternal Nights
(Jarved 9: Book 2)
by Patti O'Shea

Love Spell
August 1, 2006
Available: August 1, 2006
ISBN #0505526603
EAN #9780505526601
368 pages
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