"This book is truly enchanting and kept me enthralled throughout ..."

Wintertide is a fascinating fantasy where Sorcerers rule with dark hearts as raid after raid destroy small unsuspecting towns until one fateful day a child is born. A child that will help bring hope again to the people and rein in the darkness that these Sorcerers serve.

Khamsin is this child and she is raised in the shelter of the old healer Tanta Bronya. Teaching and nurturing Khamsin into her true nature and destiny, Bronya reveals the time will come around her 18th birthday when an assignation will be made and her true destiny will lay before her.

Khamsin knows she is unique as the villagers are very wary of her presence and ultimately blame her for the raid that takes place around her 18th birthday, killing her few friends and husband. The only reason Khamsin lives through the raid is because a very kind man, known as a tinker comes to her rescue. A tinker she had previously met and shared a meal with at her home before he wander off to another village with his wares.

The raid marks a significant turn in Khamsin's life as she now embraces her power and divination powers to find the path she is to follow. Scared and confused by the events passed she does not enter her new journey alone. The tinker, a man who stirs up never felt before feelings, joins her and helps get her settled in the next village. It is there she will meet a wizard who will help her to embrace and enhance her powers. But it is through these teachings that her ultimate destiny is revealed. She must find and claim the orb to decide its fate, as that will ultimately determine the fate of the people of this land.

Ms. Sinclair writes a fascinating story that could almost be fairy tale like in nature as we watch our heroine grow up, struggle, and ultimately blossom under amazing circumstances. This book is truly enchanting and kept me enthralled throughout the book determined to get to the next page and what would happen next. I also enjoy a book that has animals as a secondary character and Nixa; Khamsin's cat was very appealing and appropriate to the story. I was surprised how fast this book reads but relieved when I realized I have the next book, The Accidental Goddess to follow it.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 2, 2006


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by Megan Sybil Baker

June 1, 2001
ISBN #1553165233
207 pages
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