"A Satisfying Paranormal Fantasy"

Although my fellow PNR reviewer has stated that reading STRANGE BREWS (Damir and Eliana's story) first is not required to follow this story, I rather wish I had. I felt that the first half of PRINCE OF ICE went rather slowly for me because I had a constant feeling I was missing background details and character information that was being alluded to frequently. Having said that, my attention was definitely captured once the romance and the current plot became more active.

The Arch Mage (a powerful and evil sorcerer) who had been temporarily defeated in STRANGE BREWS now has reached out to cast a spell putting all of the mages of Amrodel into stasis. Long ago he had sought to steal the power of their Queen, but she had thwarted him by taking her own life. Now the Arch Mage sought another of her line in order to do the same. Eliana, having married and borne a child was no longer eligible, since her power was divided. This left Cahira, daughter of the late King of Amrodel, or Eliana's infant daughter.

Cahira has been hearing the Arch Mage calling to her in her mind to come to him. She knows that while he lives her people will never be safe, she will never be safe. As the darkness swept over the land stealing the consciousness from her fellow mages, Damir grants Cahira his shield which will protect her from the darkness, leaving her the alone among the Woodland mages to defeat the Arch Mage. Before he loses consciousness, Damir also gifts Cahira with his Dragonfly sword. He instructs her to go to the Norsk lands to find the one of true light. This warrior alone would be able to wield the sword that could defeat the Arch Mage and restore life to her people. Aren, the leader of the aggressive Norsk people is the man she seeks. Cahira had seen him once when they were both children and had felt a strange connection. But the grown warrior is not what she expected at all, nor is he very willing to take up her quest. He and his warriors do not trust mages and fear that Aren will be sorcelled by the witch as his older brother had been.

Aren concedes to join his band with Cahira's but he still considers her plan to be suicide and secretly hopes to find an alternative plan elsewhere. Still, he too feels the strange connection between himself and Cahira. Tempers clash as those loyal to one or the other try to dominate the group. Not all of among them have loyalty however, which creates further conflict. Still the pair has one very special advantage. Their company is joined by a talking bat with amazing wisdom and foresight. Although the reader may discern the bat's identity before it's actually revealed, it's rather fun to watch the by play between him and the rest of their little band as he leads them toward the proper resolution.

As Cahira and Aren are beginning to realize that they are very old souls and that they had been "one before they were two", they journey to Damir's homeland and what they find there gives them the last piece of the puzzle that is required to defeat the Arch Mage. Conditions there leave the door open for a future story as does the resolution of Cahira and Aren's final battle with the Arch Mage, the conclusion of which was most unexpected. Without spoiling the tale I can only say that the ending of PRINCE OF ICE contains an extremely satisfying twist. Information is also imparted regarding Cahira and Aren's future child which also leads me to believe that another tale could be forthcoming. I enjoyed this tale of timeless love and truly hope that the saga will continue in the near future. In the meantime I expect I will be seeking out STRANGE BREWS in order to fill in some of the blanks. From what I gleaned Eliana was quite a terror. Sounds like fun!

Posted June 22, 2006
Copyright 2006

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 2, 2006


The power of the Arch Mage has grown strong enough to immobilize the defenders of Amrodel, woodland kingdom. Only one hope remains: a girl, the would-be sorceress Cahira. Upon her shoulders lies the fate of her people.

Cahira's task is to find the prophesied man of "pure light" and arm him with the Dragonfly Sword. She saw him once as a youngster, but Aren is one of her people's ancestral enemies. All Cahira loves lies in the balance, and she and her friends are being sent into the cold north to find a barbaric rogue. North to danger, north to salvation, north to find the...Prince of Ice.



Prince of Ice
(Dragonfly Saga - Book 2)
by Stobie Piel

Love Spell
May 1, 2006
ISBN #0505526514
EAN #9780505526519
320 pages
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