"Return to Jarved Nine - a multifaceted keeper"

ETERNAL NIGHTS is the second story set on Jarved Nine and although it can be read alone, I highly recommend reading Ms. O'Shea's debut novel RAVYN'S FLIGHT for two reasons, first because it was a unique and incredible read, and also because it will give the reader a greater understanding of the background of the planet and the horror faced by the alien civilization that had been the last inhabitants of J Nine. Many of the characters in ETERNAL NIGHTS are familiar which will make the reader feel they are picking up shortly after they left off.

When one is as captivated by a plot as this reviewer was with RAVYN'S FLIGHT the fear is that a sequel will not live up to the initial thrill. My mind was put at ease immediately as the words on the page pulled me into their grip once more and wouldn't let me go until I had finished the very last one. I read this book in a single day because I simple couldn't put it down and I consider it time well spent. Bravo Ms. O'Shea!

In RAVYN'S FLIGHT we learned that J Nine had once been inhabited by an alien race with unique abilities, but these special gifts had been no match for a serial killer left there by another alien race as punishment for his crimes. Unable to succeed in neutralizing the killer, the inhabitants of J Nine had fled to their home world, leaving a single city as testament to their culture.

Captain Kendall Thomas is a member of the Colonization Assessment Team (CAT) assigned to the documentation of alien artifacts left behind in the "Old City". She has a specific interest in those contained within the Temple pyramid. Lately she has had strange and terrifying dreams of blood and death. She is not sure they mean. Daylight events also have her scared, so scared that she has kept her suspicions to herself, telling no one, not even her best friend, Spec Ops Captain Wyatt Montgomery.

Wyatt is assigned to the security force on the planet. He is well aware that something is spooking Kendall. He is aware of something else as well. He and Kendall are soul mates, having lived and loved in another life among the alien inhabitants of J Nine. He has full memory of their former existence, which had ended badly. Having found his beloved again he isn't about to let her go this time, but she has no recall of having known him in a past life. She values his friendship but every time he attempts to take their relationship to another level she takes a step back. Kendall's upbringing had ingrained in her that relationships fail but friendships last. She has feelings for Wyatt, but she is not willing to risk losing his friendship.

When Wyatt informs Kendall that an assignment will take him outside of the city for a few weeks, she is not quite ready to share her findings, so he assigns a trusted friend to be there for her should matters come to a head while he is gone. Kendall decides to trust the man, but when he is murdered she decides to take the info. to her superior. Kendall had suspected for sometime that someone had been smuggling precious artifacts from the planet, but when Alex Sullivan, a.k.a. "The Big Chill" refused to take the time to hear her out, she takes matters into her own hands.

When Wyatt returns he finds Kendall missing, and last seen hurrying toward the temple. The temple had claimed his love once and Wyatt is not about to let that happen again. Little does he know the dire straights his beloved has gotten herself into.

Now trapped in the labyrinth of the alien temple, Kendall and Wyatt will not only have to dodge a murderous band of smugglers, but also the booby traps laid as security measures by an alien race. Their lives are not the only ones at stake. One last big crime has been planned before a shuttle arrives to take half of the Spec Ops force back to earth in two weeks. The conspirators must complete the theft in time to smuggle all of the artifacts on board.

With innocent lives at stake, will Kendall remember her past connection to the planet in time to save her friends and preserve its history? Will her memories spark her feelings love for her best friend Wyatt, or will he lose her again to a life which had once torn them apart?

J Nine fans will be happy to hear that Ravyn, Brody, Stacey, and Alex are integral to the plot as secondary characters. Kendall and Wyatt are every bit as strong and believable with an incredible chemistry which results in a sexual tension which will keep the romance reader riveted. Patti O'Shea is a unique voice in the genre, and a force to be reckoned with. Like RAVYN'S FLIGHT, ETERNAL NIGHTS is a multifaceted read which will give it broad appeal. I highly recommend it to fans of Futuristic romance and romantic SF, as well as readers of Military and Suspense fiction. The additional aspect of reincarnation will delight paranormal readers as well. This read is a keeper and I hope there will be a return to J Nine in the near future.

Posted June 27, 2006
Copyright © 2006

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 2, 2006



Capt. Kendall Thomas has been plagued by dreams of blood, dreams so horrifying they leave her trembling in the night. Kendall has good reason to be afraid. She's discovered thieves are stealing artifacts from the alien city on Jarved Nine, and the smugglers will do anything to protect their lucrative sideline—even commit murder.

The last man Kendall wanted to endanger was her best friend Wyatt Montgomery, but the stubborn Special Ops captain followed her when she went to gather evidence, and the smugglers trapped them both in the city's ancient pyramid. Now by day, they're chased through labyrinthine tunnels, deeper and deeper into the heart of the temple. But in the cloak of darkness, they can no longer deny the powerful force drawing them together, the passionate dreams that leave them aching with need, the touch of skin on skin that makes them long for—ETERNAL NIGHTS.

RAVYN'S FLIGHT is scheduled to be reissued in Aug. 2006.


Eternal Nights
(Jarved 9: Book 2)
by Patti O'Shea

Love Spell
August 1, 2006
Available: August 1, 2006
ISBN #0505526603
EAN #9780505526601
368 pages
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