"A rare and spectacular futuristic romance"

The League of Planets and the Korcian Empire are the two largest powers in the universe. Since the Treaty of Vuldarr was signed, the two powers have peacefully coexisted. Now they are at the brink of war, unless Danna MacFadyen can diffuse the situation.

Danna is a Terran diplomat assigned to the Ramoran Embassy. When the space freighter Llyndar, registered to the Empire, explodes into stardust in League airspace on a routine mission from Ramora to Earth , she is assigned to the Tribunal as the representative for the defense. Danna has psychometric skills. By taking significant articles into her hands she can enter the past through dreamscapes. It is through these skills that Danna hopes to prove the explosion to be a tragic accident.

A Japolean dwarf represents the neutral party. The Korcian representative, Cullon Gavriel, is a surprise however. He is no diplomat, but an Enforcer, a warrior to the marrow, and a gorgeous one at that. He intrigues Danna, but she is suspicious of his motives and is determined not to allow him to deter her from her goal. It is not until the Tribunal convenes for the night that Danna discovers the Korcian's ulterior motive.

Danna is informed that a True Blood, a member of one of the original Korcian royal families, had been traveling incognito on the destroyed ship. Space exploration had diluted the Korcian blood leaving few who could claim to be a True Blood, Two other True Bloods had recently been murdered. Cullon, a True Blood himself, is working under the assumption that the explosion is part of a Fundamentalist plot. The Tribunal is merely a smoke screen. He requires Danna's skills to lead him to the murderers. He plans to take the information she provides him and continue the investigation alone.

Danna agrees to cooperate but on the condition that she be allowed to follow the process through to its conclusion. She feels responsible for the entire crew of the freighter not just a single True Blood. Although he hates being thwarted, the attraction between the two is undeniable. Cullon agrees to take Danna with him. Danna skills lead the pair on a chase through the galaxy, back into the very heart of the Korcian Empire. What they discover will shock them both. Can their feelings for each other survive what they find there?

Like Korcian True Blood Cullon Gavriel, Miss Waddell's futuristic romances are rare, spectacular, and well worth waiting for. TRUE BLOOD explores the depths of human idealism, shows how it can twist the soul until it is virtually unrecognizable, and contrasts it with pure light of faith, hope, optimism, and love that lies in the hearts of Danna and Cullon. This story is a mix of mystery, dark suspense, science fiction, and hot romance that will have a broad appeal to many readers. TRUE BLOOD is a futuristic story that make the reader think - Is the turmoil that rocks our world today so very different? What can we do to change it?

Posted July 18, 2006
Copyright 2006

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 2, 2006



Someone's out for blood . . . True Blood

The unexplained explosion of the space freighter Llyndar brings the League of Planets and the Korcian Empire to the brink of war. The Korcian Guard is on full alert, and the League is depending on Officer Danna MacFadyen of the Diplomat Corps to defuse the situation. At the request of her superiors, Danna puts her psychometric skills to work. Was the explosion tragedy or terrorism? But Danna's soon burdened with another question . . . Can she work side-by- side with Cullon Gavriel, a handsome Korcian Enforcer, without losing her heart?

Fighting isn't just in a Korcian's blood, it's in his very soul. An Enforcer by trade and a loner by choice, Cullon Gavriel arrives on Ramora with one purpose in mind: to find out who's killing True Bloods. What he finds is a beautiful Terran female with the ability to step into the past. But can the information Danna gleans from her dreamscapes prevent future murders?

As the pieces of an explosive puzzle fall into place, Danna and Cullon step into a conspiracy that stretches across the galaxy to the capital city of the Korcian Empire, where shocking secrets are waiting to be discovered, and where the lines between power and politics, and life and love cross unexpectedly.


True Blood
(True: Book 1)
by Patricia Waddell

Tor Books
August 1, 2006
Available: August 26, 2006
ISBN #0765354640
EAN #9780765354648
320 pages
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