"A sizzling Sci/Fi Romance!"

Moriah is a woman who was abused by her father and then sold in a game to a Shadower as a slave. She manages to escape learns how to survive with her younger sister by keeping a low profile in a galaxy that is ruthless. Her highest rule is to never trust a man. But business is business and the best way for her to earn money is to smuggle goods, be they illegal or not. Her only goal is to provide for her younger sister.

Sabin Travers is man whose identity he hides as a Shadower as he tries to raise funds to help out fellow Shielders who are oppressed by the Controllers. On a routine mission to a less than savory planet called Giza he is surprised to see an attractive woman at the end of the bar. When Sabin tries to approach Moriah she turns her back on him. Briefly his ego is bruised, as he knows he is not by any means short on good looks.

It is not long however before Moriah gets involved in a bar game of chance that turns into a brawl over her winning. Sabin is impressed that she can hold her own one on one, but not against so many odds, thus he steps in to save the day. Of course independent Moriah is by no means thankful for his help, especially from a man. Unfortunately the wound she has suffered from this fight renders her unconscious and next thing she knows she is waking up on his ship.

The sparks and dynamics shoot off from here as Sabin tries to bridge some kind of trust with her. While Moriah uses every trick she knows to escape this maddening yet attractive man. Both are driven by a different code of honor that has helped them to succeed over the years. However if they are to achieve their goals under a common enemy each will have to surrender to the other to survive.

Ms. Spangler writes an incredible sci/fi romance with characters of great depth, strength and emotion. Her idea is credible, her enemy is twisted, and her writing is phenomenal. I love this book because of the extreme emotional opposites she throws together. Shadower acts as a prequel to her very successful book Shielder.

Mindy Lobaugh Apr. 2005
for PNR Reviews

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted November 2, 2006


Sabin has been in every hellhole in the galaxy. In his line of work, hives of scum and villainy are nothing to fear. But Giza's is different, and the bronze-haired beauty at the bar is something special. Not only can she sweep a man off his feet, she can break his legs--and steal his heart. And though Moriah isn't what Sabin had come for, she is suddenly all he desires.The man is a menace, what with his dark good looks and overwhelming masculinity. Worse, Sabin is a shadower, a bounty hunter, which means he is only one step removed from the law. He is dangerous to a smuggler like Moriah, to her freedom. Yet he draws her as a moth to a flame, and even as she pledges to stay cool, her senses catch fire. Then, in his arms, Moriah realizes that this bounty hunter is different. His touch is gentle, and his kiss sweet. And his love leads to a fantastic freedom she's never known.


(Shielder series: Book 2)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
December 1, 2000
Available: November 2, 2006
ISBN #0505524244
EAN #9780505524249
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