"A Great paranormal romantic thriller"

After a car crash which took the lives of both of her parents, Melissa Danvers had accepted her duty to become Ryder Latimer's new keeper. Ryder is a 140 year old vampire and had been like a part of her family, the only one to pay any attention to her. Still she couldn't help resenting the responsibility that had been thrust upon her so unexpectedly. She knew that she would never be able to live a normal life, to find love and have a family of her own. Every generation of Danvers had accepted the call. She could do no less.

Melissa, like each keeper before her, is a physician. She is responsible for seeing to Ryder's feeding, and recently when a serial killer had kidnapped and badly wounded him, she had seen to his healing. His lover Diana Reyes had been there to supply the TLC (see Darkness Calls, Book 1), but Melissa had no one of her own to comfort her. Diana's sexy younger brother Sebastian had done his best to fill in, leading to a unexpected night of passionate lovemaking, but the two had carefully avoided each other since.

Sebastian Reyes is a bad boy computer whiz, a rebel in a family of law enforcement officers. Like Melissa he had lost his father. While Melissa had suffered neglect due to hers being solely wrapped up in her dying mother, Sebastian had suffered his father's constant disapproval. With his father's death Sebastian had lost any chance he'd had to prove himself worthy. He had been instantly attracted to the stunningly beautiful young doctor, but knew that she needed a hero in her life, and he just wasn't hero material.

FBI Agent Diana Reyes is called in when a hospital break in reveals the theft of one of Melissa's father's journals. Knowing that privileged information regarding Ryder might be compromised, Diana asks Sebastian to scan the remaining journals against a future theft. Together he and Melissa scour the texts for a reason for the burglary. What they find reveals betrayal and leads to murder. While they search passions soar, but will they find the killer before it's too late? Will their feelings for each other survive in the face of danger?

Danger Calls is another great paranormal romantic thriller that will keep readers turning pages until the final word has been read. Look for Temptation Calls -- Book 3, which is the story of NYPD Detective Peter Daley, Diana's connection on the force. (Peter plays secondary roles in books one and two.) Side note: the storyline regarding Melissa's nurse friend Sara helps to set up the next tale, so read carefully.

Posted: Sept. 2006
Copyright © 2006

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted November 2, 2006


Silhouette # 1371

Dr. Melissa Danvers has no time in her life for love. In addition to the demands of being a doctor at a New York Metropolitan hospital, Melissa is the personal physician of Ryder Latimer -- a one hundred and forty year old vampire. Her role as Ryder's keeper calls danger into her life on a regular basis. Only an exceptional man would be able to handle that. But when danger and an unexpected night of love-making lead her to Sebastian Reyes, Melissa begins to wonder... What if? If there is one thing that Sebastian Reyes knows for sure, it's that he's a good man, but one the refuses to be bound by the conventions of most. Sebastian's bad boy ways have helped him follow his own path in life. A night of love with Melissa leave him wanting to learn more about her, but Sebastian wonders if he can ever be the kind of man Melissa needs. Whether he can be the kind of man who answers when DANGER CALLS.


Danger Calls
(The Calling: Book 2)
by Caridad Piñeiro

Silhouette (Intimate Moments)
June 1, 2005
Available: June 1, 2005
ISBN #0373274416
EAN #9780373274413
256 pages
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