"What a paranormal this one is!"

I believe Melanie Jackson's books have some of the best covers I've ever seen and somehow I think that she puts spells on her books because they certainly have mesmerized me to the point where I find I simply cannot put them down! THE SELKIE is no exception!

Hesiod "Hexy" Garrow is an American who has come to work for a spoiled widow who is renovating her deceased husband's home in Scotland. Hexy cannot figure out what has gotten her allergies all flared up but she's just miserable. As she's sitting on a rock by the sea, she inadvertently weeps seven tears into the ocean. Then she accidentally steals a selkie's fur coat thinking it's her employer's coat.

The next thing Hexy knows is Ruairidh "Rory" O'Uruisg is at the door demanding his fur back. Hexy tells him that she doesn't have it and will have to telephone her employer to send it back. Meanwhile Rory tells Hexy he will stay with her until his fur is back in his possession. Hexy's not so sure about that but she's attracted to Rory in an unusual way.

Rory recognizes Hexy for what and who she is but he doesn't know quite how to explain it to her. He knows she will have to figure it out for herself but can she figure it out before it's too late for his people?

This was the most intriguing, fascinating book I've ever read about selkies. I was glued to this book from beginning to end and cannot imagine how Melanie Jackson will top this one. I eagerly look forward to finding out though!

Kathy Boswell Feb 2003
for TBR and PNR Reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 1, 2006


While the technology of the wars had changed the face of Europe, some things stayed the same; the tempestuous Scottish coast and the surrounding sea remained a place of unquenchable magic and mystery. Sequestered at Fintry Castle by the whim of her mistress, Hexy Garrow spared seven tears for her past -- all of which were swallowed by the waves. By joining the water, those tears completed a ritual, and that ritual summoned a prince. He came for Hexy -- and for something she didn't know she had stolen. His very nature went against all Hexy had ever believed, but his love was everything she'd ever desired. And he'd come not to collect her for the insatiable ocean, but for himself.

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The Selkie
by Melanie Jackson

February 1, 2003
Available: February 1, 2003
ISBN #0505525313
EAN #9780505525314
368 pages
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