"A whimsical story that will make you smile"

This whimsical tale shows just was a conflict it can be between those who have and those who want. This was the case with Rose Thayer and Brandon Goodfellow. Rose received every bit of her mother's fae magic when she was born where as Brand's father Robin gave up his fae birthright to be with the mortal he fell in love with. Brand has had a hard time with this ever since he and Rose found out when they were thirteen years old.

Now Brand is a master magician with his forte being illusion. Rose is a journalist whose forte is exposing charlatans and magician's tricks. She's exposed many magicians and now according to her editor it's time to go after Brand.

Rose reluctantly agrees but has much trepidation about this story. She and Brand have known each other since birth and were close until they lost touch when Brand pulled back from Rose when she came into her magical powers. Brand still harbors very bitter feelings about the whole situation and especially since Rose wants to expose him to the world.

Brand decides to make a deal with Rose. He tells her that she can travel with his show if she doesn't do any magic the whole time. If she reneges then she won't do the story. Rose reluctantly agrees but isn't sure she can do this since she's become so accustomed to her magic.

What Brand and Rose don't count on is their puppy love of their youth only growing stronger. Not only that but Ewan shows up from the fae world to take Rose back to Queen Tatiana and when wishes suddenly start coming true, Ewan tells Rose that her magic is leaking because she's not using it. This causes all sorts of hilarious and difficult problems.

I've thoroughly enjoyed every one of Karen Fox's faery romances. They all have been one sitting reads for me. This book is absolutely enchanting especially as it brings Rose and Brand together. I have my fingers crossed that we will see a story about Sequoia and Ewan in the very near future. Thank you, Karen Fox, for hours of reading enjoyment for me!

Kathy Boswell Apr. 2003
for TBR and PNR reviews

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted November 1, 2006


A man who longs for magic.

A woman who has it.

When they get together, it's magic gone haywire.

Brandon Goodfellow may be the greatest illusionist in the world, but he's not magician. Just ask Rose Thayer, the beautiful faery who possesses the one thing he covets most of all: true magical power. Years ago, she captivated his senses and captured his heart, then disappeared without a trace. Now, to Brandon's amazement, she's back—not to rekindle the sparks she ignited, but to expose the truth behind his greatest illusions! Still, this not-quite- master magician has a few tricks of his own up his sleeve. But it'll take more than magic to convince Rose to do the one impractical thing she swore she'd never do: fall in love...with a mortal.


Impractical Magic
(Fae Romance: Book 4)
by Karen Fox

Jove Pubns
April 1, 2003
Available: April 29, 2003
ISBN #0515135364
EAN #9780515135367
228 pages
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