"A wonderful blend of Regency and paranormal."

Lord Nicholas St. Vire has searched through all his books of arcane knowledge and decides he has one chance at this. So he goes over the list from his solicitors once more and makes his plans. He goes to a gambling hell and makes sure he plays with Mr. Farleigh. He waits until Mr. Farleigh is deep enough in debt that he won't be able to cover it. He takes Mr. Farleigh to a room and puts forth his proposal.

Leonore Farleigh has been working as a governess for some time now. She works close enough to be able to come home from time to time to see her mother and sister. She really doesn't like her abusive father. Her father comes home and gives her the good news that he has made a match for her and she must accompany him to the home of her soon- to-be husband.

Leonore is pleasantly surprised to find Lord St. Vire is extremely good looking. St. Vire is just as surprised to discover how beautiful Leonore is. Nicholas proposes a marriage of convenience between them and tells her he will be generous with her and her family. He also promises never to raise his hand to her. Leonore sees this marriage as a way to help her younger sister, and so she agrees.

Nicholas needs Leonore to come to him willingly on their wedding night and so he proceeds to woo her. At the same, he needs to keep her from finding out his secret; that he is a vampire.

When I first saw this title, I was really wondering... Vampire and Regency? How will this one read? Karen Harbaugh has managed to blend the two together beautifully in THE VAMPIRE VISCOUNT. All the elements of a Regency are here, from the balls and clothing to the danger. This is a somewhat different take on Vampires than I have encountered before with the Vampire being able to see his reflection in a mirror and eat and drink substances other than blood. Also, the madness is an aspect I haven't encountered before. The characters react exactly as you would expect them to and are all very believable. The setting is rich and this is a very enjoyable read. I highly recommend THE VAMPIRE VISCOUNT to all lovers of Regency and Vampire lore. This is a wonderful blend of Regency and paranormal.

Chere Gruver © Copyright January 2004

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted October 30, 2006


Being a vampire is okay--you get to stay up all night, women find you irresistable, you're strong, fast, and magic is yours for the taking. But Nicholas, Viscount St. Vire finds all of that means little in the face of impending insanity and the eventual deterioration of his senses. Only the the willing embrace of a virginal young woman can reverse his condition. Who better for his wife-to-be than the impoverished Leonore Farleigh, whose abusive father sells her to St. Vire to pay off gaming debts? Leonore agrees to marry him--how else is she going to save her sister and her mother from their poverty and pain? But she soon finds she's stepped into a marriage of inconvenience… and possible death.


The Vampire Viscount
by Karen Harbaugh

October 1, 1995
ISBN #0451183193
EAN #9780451183194
224 pages
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