"Superb science fiction"

Special Agent in Charge Tessa Camen is guarding the President of the United States (POTUS) when assassins attack. Tessa saves Madam President from the first assault getting her out of Jefferson Central High School, but the coordination with her team fails and she is alone. She gets POTUS to the car, but instead of one of her men as driver, a killer draws a gun. Tessa leaps in front of POTUS taking the bullet that kills the dedicated American agent.

Tessa wakes up believing she must be in heaven as she finds herself with a hunk. The man explains that he is Khan of planet Rystan, the year 2324, and the United States of North America and earth need her services. Khan explains she was selected to take the challenge of the Federation of Planets that earth desperately needs to join to obtain technology that will save the planet by finally cleaning the environment. At first disbelieving, then turning doubtful and cynical, Tessa eventually accepts the challenge, but has doubts about the psychic skills needed for success. As Khan prepares her, they fall in love, but another species wants Earth to fail and interferes with the test.

THE CHALLENGE is a superb science fiction literally star- crossed romance that fans of both genres will enjoy. The story line is fast-paced, filled with action, and believable multiple species so that the audience will know they are in the twenty-fourth century. Tessa is a terrific heroine and Khan is her perfect mentor, lover, and sidekick. Susan Kearney soars to stardom with this sterling tale.

Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted October 30, 2006



...a hunk named Kahn, who told Secret Service agent Tessa Camen an outlandish story about traveling through time, saving the world, and a Challenge only she can accept. Kahn offers her proof she can't refute: Tessa has been brought forward through time to save Earth by winning an intergalactic challenge.

Kahn only has a few weeks to train Tessa to use the psi-abilities he insists she has. He is confident in the success of a time-honored method that uses sexual frustration to bring out her powers, but Tessa is dubious. She's a martial arts expert and can fight her way through anything, but she's never had much luck with emotions.

Luckily for Earth, Kahn can be very convincing...

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The Challenge
(Quest: Book 1)
by Susan Kearney

Tor Books
February 1, 2005
Available: February 1, 2005
ISBN #0765348918
EAN #9780765348913
420 pages
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