"Ms. Spangler is a phenomenal writer!"

Shadow Crossing opens up with Celie Cameron on a standard delivery of medial supplies to a new client on a planet she has not delivered to before. Everything is routine and fairly unexciting until she meets her contact, Rurick and Max. One is an android the other human. But both look alike with the exception of their eyes and some parts of their personality. Not wanting to stick around and debate this Celie would rather complete her transaction and be on her way, for she has other problems to deal with. Her good friend's adopted daughter Raven, a Shielder, has stowed away on her ship and she needs to get her home ASAP.

Rurick and Max lead Celie and Raven to the landing bay where they meet up with some rebel faction trying to get at the crown prince. Ultimately their safest bet is to narrowly escape on the royal star craft with Max and Rurick and leave Celie's ship and life behind, to hopefully retrieve later.

Ms. Spangler does an excellent job of building the characters in her book, as we learn Celie is a woman from an abusive home where in order to save herself she had to kill her father. This event has left a significant scar that haunts her and keeps her at arms length with all men. Raven is 19 and personifies the characteristics of teen almost adult like mentality, and as such is starting to take a serious look at the opposite sex. And to make matters truly interesting Celie has been mislead to believe that Rurick is an android. And figuring she has nothing to lose Celie decides to experiment with intimacy on what she believes to be a safe pseudo-man, because if he is not human then there is no risk of attachment. All these dynamics explode as the book unfolds and the plot thickens as Celie is forced to confront her inner demons and a very sexy Prince Rurick.

Catherine Spangler writes a fabulous sci/fi romance filled with action and intrigue. Shadow Crossing is apart of the Shielder Series. Now I have not read these books in order so I think it is safe to say that this book could stand-alone. But considering this book takes place in a rather expansive galaxy with dynamics and situations in all corners, it wouldn't hurt to just grab the whole series and read it in order. Either way you won't be disappointed as Ms. Spangler is a phenomenal writer.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted October 30, 2006


Ex-smuggler Celie Cameron meets her match in a mysterious android pilot, one who harbors surprising secrets of his own. Celie can handle the glaxay-spanning intrigue and deception into which Rurick throws her, but her attraction to him is another matter entirely. Forced together by circumstance, Celie and Rurick blaze across the galaxy, engaged in the oldest combat of all - the battle of the sexes.


Shadow Crossing
(Shielder Series book 4)
by Catherine Spangler

Love Spell
April 1, 2003
Available: October 30, 2006
ISBN #0505525240
EAN #9780505525246
368 pages
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