"A fantastic start to a great Sci-Fi Romance series!"

Tess MacKenzie is a struggling singer who is about to take a big step toward her dream of becoming a star in her field. It is late night after a gig and she has just left to head home when she encounters a mugger after her latest paycheck. A paycheck she desperately needs to keep her life and plans in order. Trying to outwit the mugger Tess tries to get away and runs right into a tall, gorgeous and golden- eyed man. At first she thinks he has come to her rescue until she is suddenly zapped into darkness.

The Traka's planet is at war with it's own kind due to the extreme hate between two brothers. One brother knows if he can get his hands on a powerful Amulet, then it could give him the edge he needs to win the war. Thus they enlist Cohl Travers, a renowned treasure hunter in their galaxy to help, by kidnapping his father. And the only way to retrieve this rare amulet is by finding the right voice. Searching far and wide through space he finds Tess MacKenzie's voice is a perfect match. Thus he abducts her from Earth and continues on with his mission.

Well that sounds fairly straightforward, however Tess comes to and is one unhappy camper and even more confused when she finds she is on a space ship not a ship at sea. Although she feels an immediate attraction to Cohl, it doesn't matter, for she has a career and life on earth that has already been delayed thus far for her parents when they needed her.

The dynamics fly and the tension grow as Cohl continues to hurt his partnership with Tess by not telling her the whole truth. Frustrated and confused by Cohl's behavior and this crazy new world she has been plunged into, she finally consents to help him when she finally learns what is truly at stake. How can she say no when a man's life is in the balance?

This book is fantastic. One cannot help but enjoy the voice of C.J. Barry as she opens her UN-Forgettable series with Unearthed. I truly enjoyed the sexy and conflicting romance, the unique world building that help to unfold an interesting plot, and the creative license she takes with making her aliens/characters. Ms. Barry manages to keep my attention riveted as I want to know how such impossible odds can be over come not only in love but in the rescue of Cohl's father. I so highly recommend this book and the UN- Forgettable series.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted October 30, 2006


Life on Earth was just getting interesting for Tess MacKenzie. She'd postponed her singing career to support the family business and after eight long years, she finally earned her chance to shine. Her band was hot, her songs were rocking and Tess was on her way to becoming a star.

Things were definitely looking up.

That is until Cohl Travers, alien extraordinaire, swoops out of the night sky and snatches her off her planet. When he says he desperately needs her voice for a dangerous cosmic mission and the fate of two planets hangs on her song, she figures one of them is in for some serious therapy. Tess soon finds herself up to her neck in smelly bad guys, a robot with a superiority complex, an ancient Amulet that could end her singing career permanently and a man who can burn her from the inside out.

Cohl Travers thought he was free and clear of his destiny to become the next ruler of his planet. But when the warring Trakas abduct his father and hold him hostage for the Amulet, Cohl is dragged back to a fate he does not want with a woman he cannot ignore.

Together, they might defeat the Trakas -- but what is Cohl supposed to do about the feelings that Tess has unearthed in him?


(Unforgettable series - Book 1)
by C. J. Barry

Love Spell
May 1, 2003
Available: October 30, 2006
ISBN #0505525402
EAN #9780505525406
320 pages
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