"An UnDead Poet's Society in Jolly Olde England?"

"Kiss Me Forever" (formerly Walk in Moonlight)

One of the really interesting aspects of this book was that Ms. Laurey cast a real historical figure in the role of the vampire hero. Christopher Marlowe, a contemporary of William Shakespeare, was a well- known poet and playwright. His death in Deptford at the age of twenty-nine was shrouded in mystery. Among his close contemporaries in life and "after- life" is Thomas Kyd, another Elizabethan playwright, who will soon have his own story. The author blended fact and fiction, passion and humor to fashion a wholly believable tale.

No doubt you've heard there are werewolves in London. It appears that England hosts their share of vampires, and witches as well. In fact one of each provide the main male antagonists for the story. The heroine is American, and Dixie LePage is most definitely mortal. An inheritance brings her to England to view the property she hopes to sell. She' d hoped for a nice quiet vacation before returning home to her native South Carolina. It was not to be.

Two men have an excessive interest in the contents of her new library. Dixie's solicitor, Sebastian Caughleigh, has nefarious reasons. He's determined to send Dixie packing before she discovers her late aunts' secrets. Unbeknownst to Dixie, Sebastian is also the head of the local coven of Wiccans.

Wiccans practice the ancient religion of nature worship which sometimes includes the practice of herbal healing. But this coven has been corrupt for some time beginning with Dixie's elderly great aunts, who made a lucrative living both healing the townspeople and blackmailing them with their secrets. Sebastian wants the information for his own use. He will stop at nothing to get it and plans to get rid of Dixie ASAP.

The other man is Christopher Marlowe, or Kit, who is interested in her obtaining her books for his own reasons. He is a bit more pleased by Dixie's arrival, but as he is a vampire, he must be invited into the home in order to enter it. He had not expected to be so taken with the young American woman. A relationship between them is just not possible. His colony has rules regarding mortal/vampire relations. He has reason to dislike Sebastian, and it is not long before he's become Dixie's self-appointed protector. Sebastian is not to be thwarted however. He knows what Kit is, and plans to destroy him, thus gaining Kit's power for himself.

I do so love a strong heroine, and Dixie LePage is certainly that. Kit is a wonderful hero, and I enjoyed the fact that even a being with supernatural strength, and rapid healing ability, could still be vulnerable. Ms. Laurey introduced some new "vampire rules" as well. There are quite a few opportunities for humor as this modern day woman deals with the very proper historical vampires. All in all an enjoyable read. Nominated for PEARL 2000

"Love Me Forever" (formerly Rapture in Moonlight)

When Christopher (Kit) Marlowe, former 16th century poet, playwright, and veteran vampire, saved his lady love, Dixie LePage, he knew she'd need to return to her native soil to realize her full potential. LOVE ME FOREVER finds the couple settled in the German Village section of Columbus, Ohio. Dixie has set up a shop, selling books on vampire lore as well as novelty items. Kit has taken it upon himself to discourage petty crime in the neighborhood.

The head of their vampire colony, Gwyltha, has sent their old friend, Justin Corvus, to check up on the two of them and to work out territorial arrangements for their colony in the New World. Justin doesn't relish meeting his old rival Vlad (Dracula) "cap in hand" as Vlad, head of an already established colony, had stolen Gwyltha, the love of his life, away from him. After many centuries, Justin has still not recovered from her loss, but he would do her bidding for the sake of Kit and Dixie.

Stella Schwartz has more trouble than she needs already. Single mother to eight-year-old Sam, she works for a dry cleaner and is barely making ends meet. Her neighborhood leaves a lot to be desired. Her mother is a habitual criminal who had extracted a promise from Stella that she would look after her house until she is released from prison. Stella and Sam live there among young thugs and drug dealers, hardly the place to raise a child. The last thing she wants or needs is to fall in love with the handsome British doctor she meets one afternoon in Sam's favorite shop, Dixie's "Vampire Emporium". Justin is a gorgeous and gentlemanly, but he's only visiting for a short time. Sam needs stability in his life.

One look at Stella and all thoughts of lost love fled Justin's mind. Here is a woman he could spend eternity with, but she is mortal and doesn't even believe in vampires. He is mindful that he must return to England, yet he doesn't have much trouble convincing himself that a small dalliance would be mutually beneficial. Convincing Stella is another story. Becoming her self-appointed protector, he soon runs afoul of the neighborhood hoodlums. When Stella falls prey to their vengeance, Justin's rage knows no bounds. He may be above human law, but the colony had set strict limits on vampire justice and Justin had helped establish those rules. Breaking them carries the sentence of banishment from the colony. His friends vow to support him, but Justin, accepting the inevitable, must make plans for the care of his loved ones that don't include him.

Vampires converge in Ohio, and while Justin awaits sentencing from Gwyltha's tribunal, her lover, Vlad, asks him for an enormous favor which could mean trouble for all of them. To set the stage for book three: BE MINE FOREVER, Kit's old friend, Tom Kyd (also a former Elizabethan playwright), arrives with the tribunal and every intention of supporting Justin.

LOVE ME FOREVER continues Ms. Laurey's tradition of providing strong independent heroines and passionate heroes whose protective streaks may be a mile wide, but who are also loyal, loving and supportive. Ms. Laurey has a knack for weaving human reality into her fantasy, whether it be 16th century writers caught up in the politics of their times, or a modern day single mother struggling to make ends meet in an unsavory environment. This allows readers to relate to her characters, while drawing them into the realm of the vampire.

Copyright 2004

Reviewed by Leslie Tramposch
Posted October 30, 2006


Previously released as: WALK IN MOONLIGHT and RAPTURE IN MOONLIGHT (by Avid Books)

Dixie LePage didn't expect life in an English village to be exactly like South Carolina but nothing prepared her for what she found in the quiet little village of Bringham. Discovering blackmail and murder horrified her. The attempts on her life angered and terrified her. But it was falling in love with a 400-year old vampire, the not so dead Christopher Marlowe, that taught her the full meaning of 'culture shock'

Kiss Me Forever is set in the fictional Surrey village of Bringham- somewhat like the village I grew up in, but minus the witches and the vampires.

Justin Corvus, one-time regimental surgeon to the Ninth Roman Legion Hispania and present-day physician and vampire, travels to Ohio to visit his fellow vampires Kit Marlowe and Dixie LePage. While visiting them, he meets Stella, a blue-collar single mother, who doesn't have much time for men, and even less for a rich, Brit, doctor. But neither Justin nor Stella expected the attraction between them, or the act of violence that puts Justin afoul of the vampire code he helped establish.

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Kiss Me Forever/Love Me Forever
(Forever series: Books 1 and 2)
by Rosemary Laurey

Kensington Publishing (Zebra)
September 1, 2004
Available: October 31, 2006
ISBN #0821776614
EAN #9780821776612
352 pages
Paperback (reprint)
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