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Diana London has worked very hard to gain her position as the city manager of the small town of Verdaville, South Carolina. Not content with that, she also manages to volunteer for the police force. Of course, this isn't surprising if you consider Diana is Direkind, a race created by Merlin to combat the vampires and witches if they ever go rogue. Direkind are shape shifters, often taking on the form of werewolves and Diana sees it as her responsibility to protect the citizens of Verdaville. Right now, it's "that time" of year again, it's the time of her "Burning Moon". Unfortunately, Diana can only mate with another werewolf or other magical being. If she should bite a human, well, we won't even go there, let's just say she won't take the chance. When she gets to a murder scene, Diana smells magic is involved.

Llyr Galatyn was made king of the Cachamwri Sidhe when his father passed on. His older brother, Ansgar, was made king of the Morven Sidhe and was quite disappointed. Ansgar wants both kingdoms and will stop at nothing to gain his desire. The curse their father put on them both on his deathbed just means Ansgar will have to be devious. No problem. So far, he has managed to kill all Llyr's wives and children. Llyr was only made king of the Cachamwri due to the mark he was born with, Cachamwri's Mark, and as such, is the Heir to Heroes and the only one capable of calling the Dragon God. When Arthur approaches Llyr for help in destroying rogue vampires, Llyr volunteers for Verdaville as soon as he recognizes Diana from his rather erotic dreams.

Needless to say, sparks are flying all over when the two meet. And Diana knows he will be "safe" for her to mate with and not surprisingly, one thing leads to another and they become intimate. Llyr knows his people will never accept a Direkind as their queen, not to mention, he's afraid to get close to her out of fear of how Ansgar will react. We also have the vampire to deal with, the one killing men in a most gruesome manner.

Will Diana and Llyr be able to destroy the rogue vampire? What of their growing feelings? Will they be able to have a future together, knowing Diana is mortal and the Sidhe are not? And let's not forget Ansgar in all this. We know he has to take advantage of the situation in one way or another.

MASTER OF THE MOON is a fantastic continuation in this series! Angela Knight has done a masterful job of bringing the world of the fantastic to life in this series. The thought of Arthur and his knights as vampires is enough by itself. Now, we even add Direkind to the mix. The scenery is all richly portrayed, from the countryside around Verdaville to the splendor the Sidhe castle. The characters all come to life in this story. I really enjoyed how Llyr didn't understand what Diana was saying half the time. It just added a bit of reality to the story. I was caught up in the tale from the very first page and my attention was held throughout, to the very last page. This is truly a fantastic story and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Reviewed by Chere Gruver
Posted February 19, 2006



Diana London is city administrator of Verdaville, S.C. She's also a werewolf who helps out the chronically shorthanded Verdaville Police Department by moonlighting as a police K- 9.

But even Diana starts wondering if she's bitten off more than she can chew when a serial killer comes to Verdaville. This particular killer isn't your average psycho—she's a vampire sorcerer who kills men to power her black magic.

Then the King of the Fairies shows up, and things get really weird...

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Master of the Moon
(Mageverse: Book 3)
by Angela Knight

Berkley Pub Group (Sensation)
May 1, 2005
Available: May 1, 2005
ISBN #0425203573
EAN #9780425203576
336 pages
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