"An enjoyable science fiction romance"

After his child bride dies in childbirth, Djohn-Kronos, god- Emperor of Trigon, is determined to steal his brother's intended bride. Djohn-Krronos thinks that it is his right to do as he pleases. Therefore, he tricks Helispeta into marrying him by pretending to be his twin, Devoran-Vitan. When Helispeta realizes that she has married the evil brother, she plots her escape.

For such a short story, MATING NET vividly describes the alien society, that Ms. Cherry created. The characters are fully flushed out, especially the evil God-Emperor. The only thing that I found lacking about the story was the interaction between the hero and heroine. Their love would have been more convincing, if more time had been given to their interactions.

All in all, MATING NET is an enjoyable science fiction romance. I recommend it.

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Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted February 18, 2006



Helispeta wanted to marry well ... but not THIS well.

What is an ambitious young princess to do when she finds herself irrevocably married to the wrong god? What is her jilted fiance to do?

Prince Devoron-Vitan, supreme commander of the Tigron Empire's star forces, wants to go home and find out what the star-blazes is going on. In one short gestate, his twin brother Djohn-Kronos has killed their father, taken the throne, nullified all existing royal betrothals, and started a war.

Then, rumors reach Devoron-Vitan that Djohn-Kronos intends to catch Devoron-Vitan's fiancee, Helispeta, in his MATING NET.

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Mating Net
(The Gods of Tigron: Book 2)
by Rowena Cherry

New Concepts Publishing
October 1, 2005
Available: October 1, 2005
ISBN #0976539713
EAN #9780976539711
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