"Excellent sci-fi fantasy!"

Declan de Douglas has been given a second chance at life; he has been reborn with the Matrix incorporated into his body and he has family members. However, he is not happy; he feels he needs to earn their forgiveness because of his involvement in what almost destroyed the de Douglas clan. Choosing to help solidify trade agreements with the other clans, he has also become the protector of his brothers family. Always living on the outskirts of his life, never fully excepting the second chance he has been given.

Princess Fallon had a chance encounter with Declan that awoke her desires to be more than an object to adorn the arm of a fat dignitary from another clan. Blessed or cursed with telekinesis and pre-cognitive abilities, she has always kept to the shadows, but now she wants a life. When the opportunity presents itself to cause her own ruin, thus nullifying her unwanted marriage contract, Fallon goes to the brothel claiming to have a man who looks like the man of her fantasy, Declan. Only Fallon discovers the man isn't a double, but Declan himself, without his memory and wearing a control collar of a slave.

Brought together by another chance meeting, Declan and Fallon find themselves in the middle of an intergalactic disaster. One step ahead of war, they flee from her jilted fiancÚ, the owner of the brothel and something more omnipotent than either could even begin to understand.

R Garland Gray has written another exceptional novel. She continuously amazes me with how imaginative her stories are. While I can honestly say I liked THE REBEL LORD more than REDEMPTION, overall, there are several qualities about Fallon I really admired and therefore she is more memorable to me. I really admire her for being able to look at what she has: opulence, wealth and everything that comes with this status and yet she is able to recognize she has wants that are not being met. Granted this isn't unusual situation for a heroine, but I really like how everything was written out.

Declan spends a large part of the story without his memory and I truly sympathize with his situation. He is rejecting his new body because he feels unworthy and only through the discovery of true love with Fallon can he finally accept both the actions of his father and himself.

Who the villain is, is fairly easy to figure out. However between dealing with escaping from the brothel and figuring out what the enemy is trying to do, R Garland Gray has written an action oriented story. Combining this with her ability to write romantic and sexual tension, REDEMPTION is a very enjoyable story that I highly recommend.

Reviewed by Cynthia Eckert
Posted February 18, 2006



At the crossway of the stars lies a haunting darkness...




Declan de Douglas wanted them all. Once a rogue warship commander, now dubbed the Douglas Savage, he seeks atonement for past sins by serving the clan he almost destroyed. A sudden attack, a terrible injury, and he is collared, and sold into a brothel's slavery.

To strengthen clan ties, Princess Fallon MacKendrick finds herself betrothed to a man she detests. A chance meeting with the enigmatic Douglas Savage and Fallon is determined to find a way out of the betrothal contract and have him for her consort. Except finding him in an offworld brothel - - a victim of an identity wash -- pulls her into a nightmarish plot instead.

Theirs is a dangerous journey across hostile star systems where a sweeping vengeance threatens the tenuous peace. And where battles of the heart and body kindle a hot and forbidden passion. But even true love may not be enough to light the shadows in a warrior's dark soul nor save a princess's lonely heart...


(Darkscape: Book 2)
by R. Garland Gray

March 1, 2005
Available: March 10, 2005
ISBN #1553165551
EAN #9781553165552
256 pages
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