"three delightfully biting vampiric historical Scottish romances"

"Kiss of the Vampire" by Hannah Howell. In 1478 at court Janklyn MacNachton sees Efrica Callen for the first time in three years and realizes he still desires her. When two lords accost Efrica, he intercedes. She makes it clear she wants him, but he offers this wealthy heiress nothing but darkness that will eventually become the light that he sees deep in her soul.

"His Eternal Bride" by Adrienne Basso. In 1321 Anaxandra watches the wonderful Highlander lead his men to a slaughter of the English. Afterward the creature of the night slips into his keep and has her way him. The McCloskey clan blames the death of their chieftain on his bride Callum. They lock her away in an isolated tower where she dreams of seeing her beloved once more. As she begins to believe he still lives in a shadowy place, Callum debates joining him in his realm.

"To Tame the Beast" by Deborah Raleigh. Bane the Beast of MacDonnell is cursed to live a lonely existence so he forces each generation of the Foster clan to give him the oldest daughter when she turns twenty-one. Kathryn will be the next sacrifice shortly, but her younger sister Isobella challenges Bane to leave them alone, but is stunned to find a handsome man rather than a monster. He is shocked that the lass will do what no warrior has done in centuries get into his face and no woman ever before get into his heart.

These are three delightfully biting vampiric historical Scottish romances that will leave the audience thirsting for more bloodsucking hunks and passionate women who tame the beasts.

Reviewed by Harriet Klausner

Reviewed by PNR Group Member
Posted February 3, 2006


One kiss could mean forver...


The Scottish highlands echo with legends of great battles, brave heroes -- and, hidden deep in the swirling mists, creatures that belong to the night. In this sensual new collection, meet three vampires whose highland blood drums fierce and hot in their veins...

Kiss of the Vampire
Hannah Howell

Seeking the truth of his tortured heritage at court, Jankyn McNachton finds something he never expected -- true desire. Efrica Callan is beautiful, innocent, and possessed of a courageous heart. She spurns the men who court her dowry, but all Jankyn can offer this lovely creature of light is life in the darkness -- and in his arms...

His Eternal Bride
Adrienne Basso

Suspecting her of murdering her husband, Callum, on their wedding night, Maev McCloskey's clan has banished her to a remote tower. There, she dreams of her dead love—and the passion they never knew in life. But soon she wonders if the seductive, mysterious Callum of her sleeping mind is real -- and, if he is, whether joining him in his world would be an act of courage or of madness...

To Tame the Beast
Deborah Raleigh

In revenge for the curse that has forever banished him to the shadows, the creature called the Beast of MacDonnell demands the firstborn female child of each generation. Isobella's sister is soon to suffer this fate -- unless Isobella can save her. Unafraid, she intends to confront the monster when she finds a strange man instead: a warrior with the face of an angel and mesmerizing silver eyes who tempts her like no other...

Let these seductive tales of everlasting romance transport you to a world where the most dangerous desires awaken after dark.


Highland Vampire
by Hannah Howell, Debbie Raleigh, Adrienne Basso

Kensington Publishing (Brava)
September 1, 2005
Available: September 3, 2005
ISBN #0758211554
EAN #9780758211552
304 pages
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