"A Fantastic Story to Stir Your Sense and Romance Your Heart!"

A magical place hidden from the world to see exists in the middle of Great Britain. In the 4th Tale of the Order, we come to learn about the Goblin race that has thinned down to only 46. If they are not careful they will disappear for good. Their women are unable to have babies that live past birth and sometimes even claiming the mother. And there is no logical medical reason this should be occurring.

The great Sorceress that rules over these magical beings has met with the council and decided something must be done to save them. She informs Tearach, the goblin leader, that he must mate with a human woman. Tearach is more than upset at this news, he is disgusted and cannot imagine touching let alone mating with a human. They are the race he holds responsible for the death of his people 8 years ago when their chemicals poisoned their sacred stream. However no one dare defy the Sorceress as the punishment is beyond imagining.

Kathleen's life has been painful enough, to say the least. Not only did she lose her father, a man she admired enough to pursue the same work as a firefighter, but she has also lost her fiancÚ. Wanting to get as far away from the pain as possible she moves to England to take up a basic desk job. She starts her day off in typical fashion by running through the local park when she is suddenly abducted.

It isn't long before Kathleen comes to, and figures out what their real intent is. Tearach is, at first overwhelmed by this beautiful woman's analytical mind and decides to come clean and reveal who he is hoping it will in turn overwhelm her. To his amazement Kathleen holds her own and manages to cope with the big, gorgeous green man with pointed ears standing before her. Besides there are many races of color in the world why not green, too?

Tearach and Kathleen soon fall under the clever persuasion of the Sorceress magic and manage to mate regardless of their strong feelings to the contrary. This results in Kathleen's pregnancy, a new frustration and fear Tearach must face. He holds the strong belief this child will not live. There is no proof to believe otherwise, and to make matters more complicated he is starting to care for Kathleen who he believes is a hopeless optimist and will probably reject him when the baby dies.

Ms. Sams writes a wonderfully powerful book on living your greatest fears and ultimately overcoming them. She artfully demonstrates the idea of, how one door closes another opens. Her secondary characters support the story well and provide a magnificent glimpse of the other races that exist in this enchanted place. And to add even further spice to the conflict there is a disgruntled Goblin on the prowl.

I found this book to be just as good as all the other in the Tales of the Order. Ms. Sams' makes me want to believe I will find this place should I travel to Great Britain. Her writing is excellent and descriptive in all the right areas without going to excess. I cannot recommend GOBLIN MOON enough! And I look forward to future Tales of the Order to enchant my world and stir my senses.

Reviewed by Mindy Lobaugh
Posted September 21, 2005



Eight years ago, the Goblin people of the Shire were almost eradicated when humans poisoned their sacred springs. Since then, no Goblin infant has lived past a day old and their mothers often die too. The Sorceress has decreed that Goblins must begin breeding with outsiders humans, in fact. As the Goblin leader, Tearach Bruce is under orders to initiate this new decree, and he's not at all pleased. But he's desperate to save his people, so he reluctantly agrees. The woman selected for the job is Kathy Parker, a firefighter and paramedic with baggage of her own. She hasn't exactly been planning on having a baby, let alone with a big green Goblin who kidnaps her. Tearach and Kathy are at odds at first, but they soon find themselves united against the Sorceress' manipulations. What develops between them is more intense and precious than any kind of magic. Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere under the same title. Reader Advisory: Though this book is the fourth in a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.


Goblin Moon
(Tale of the Order: Book 4)
by Candace Sams

Imajinn Books
March 1, 2005
Available: March 1, 2005
ISBN #1893896455
EAN #9781893896451
232 pages
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