"well written but not for the squeamish"

DAUGHTER Of DARKNESS is a journey into the supernatural world of 'what if...?' What if vampires and werewolves and other magical creatures existed as a part of our world? Who would police them? What if you found out you too weren't entirely human? What if you were the key to saving them all?

Gwyneth Stevens has to face all these questions and more when she investigates some brutal homicides she suspects were committed by hellhounds. The only person who can provide the answers is Pallo the master vampire...and he knows more than he's telling.

The story was very well written and compelling though definitely not for the squeamish in some places, fans of Laurell K Hamilton's earlier style will like Daughter Of Darkness. I enjoyed the journey into Gwyneth's world but for me there were just TOO many similarities to the world of Anita Blake.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted June 15, 2004


In modern day America, creatures that go bump in the night exist only in books and movies, right? Wrong. The streets are crawling with supernatural predators.

Gwyneth Stevens works for a local branch of the government that specializes in controlling and maintaining supernatural creatures.

When a rash of hellhound related homicides sends Gwen searching for clues, she comes face to face with Pallo, the Master Vampire who owns Necro's Magik World & Supernatural Theme Park. What she doesn't realize is that she and Pallo share a past, and only he can help her discover who she really is.

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Daughter of Darkness
(Daughter of Darkness: Book 1)
by Mandy M. Roth

New Concepts Publishing
April 1, 2004
Available: April 1, 2004
ISBN #1586084305
EAN #9781586084301
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