"started out well but became disjointed and surreal"

In 1946 Grace Collins comes to a small Texas town to take her first position as a teacher. The only child of a wealthy oil executive and the product of an expensive private education, none of Grace's experiences have prepared her for the challenges she now faced. However illiteracy and old-fashioned customs and practices are nothing compared to ancient curses and the probability of reincarnation. Can Grace find the strength to break the spell and claim her love forever?

ANOTHER TIME, ANOTHER PLACE was an interesting concept that, for me, never quite came together. The story itself started out well; Grace and her situation as the novice teacher in an unfamiliar environment intrigued me. When she met Cody I was looking forward to seeing how a relationship would develop between the highly educated teacher and the poor, illiterate farmer. However halfway through the story became disjointed and surreal and I was left feeling a little cheated. It almost felt as though different people with completely different writing styles wrote the two halves of the book. Disappointing but, thanks to the strength of the first few chapters, not disastrous.

Reviewed by Barbara Small
Posted June 15, 2004


When city-bred, college educated Grace Collins comes to the isolated community of Fairview to teach school she finds herself in a world alien to anything she has ever known. The clever, determined Grace sets about to educate its backwoods residents and instigate change.

Then she meets Cody Slayton and immediately feels a connection to this strange and mysterious man who is wise beyond education and schooled in matters that Grace cannot begin to comprehend. Is Cody the answer to Grace's elusive dreams or is he the reincarnation of her worst nightmare?


Another Time, Another Place
by Barri Bryan

New Concepts Publishing
March 10, 2004
ISBN #0000000037
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