"enjoyable short, erotic, science fiction romance"

Willa, a feathered species known as a Sprite, is the slave of a cruel master, Lord Avron. Lord Avron has trained Willa to be a sexengineer, so that she can be sold to a certain ship and spy for him. Willa seeks to escape and search out the other Sprites, who were all enslaved when the Corporation attacked their planet of Sparkle. The Sprite species feeds physically and psychically off orgasms. Willa has been starved under her cruel master and her plumage is in sad shape. She is bought by Bevel, a strange alien creature, and taken aboard The Quiet Kitty.

Once on the ship, Willa meets Brant Sylenus, a Sh' Bahkyr. The Sh' Bahkyr are a species that can shift into a cat form and are listed as extinct by the Corporation. The Corporation, which rules many planets by cruelty and subjugation, is responsible for the enslavement of the Sprites and the disappearance of the Sh' Bahkyr. The trio aboard the Quiet Kitty seeks to reunite their peoples and cause the downfall of the Corporation.

TALES OF THE QUIET KITTY 1: UNDER THE CAT'S PAW is an enjoyable short, erotic, science fiction romance with interesting characters. Ms. Anthony creates very interesting aliens with unique cultures, but be warned this is a very erotic tale. The only problem that I had with the book was its brevity. However, it is the start of a series, and the trio's continuing adventures are yet to come. I found my interest in the characters piqued, and the relationship between Brant and Willa seemed to be growing. They were learning to communicate and trust each other, when the story ended. I'll be on the look out for the next story in this series.

Reviewed by Marlene Breakfield
Posted June 15, 2004


Willa's race is believed to be extinct. The Sprites of Sparkle, a sentient planet, require the orgasms of their partners as nourishment. What better way to meet her needs than to anger her Corporation Master into selling her to the captain of the Quiet Kitty Waveship as the ship's Sexengineer?

Brant fears he alone survived the Corporation's war against the Sh'Bahkyr. Plying the spaceways as a smuggler/spy, he gathers an army of subversives to combat the evil Corporation while searching for his sister and their people. Not even his distraction with the new crewmember, an exotic submissive whose sexual appetite rivals his own, can deter him from his goals.

Two people burdened with hidden agendas come together despite their suspicions, only to find the heat they generate might burn them to cinders.


Under the Cat's Paw
by Camille Anthony

Changeling Press
May 6, 2004
ISBN #1595960112
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